Season 2017 - North Melbourne


You could buy the whole Norf club for $90k


The AFL give everyone enough money to pay the full cap (and everyone has to pay at least 95% anyway), which is kind of the point of the salary cap as an equalisation measure. Even when a contract is paid out, it’s done as part of the cap.

These huge contracts are a list management risk for sure, but they’re not a financial risk because it all comes out of the salary cap which is a mandatory expense for every club.



It’s just farking dumb by North and reeks of desperation.

Apparently they tried similar with Heeney.

GWS would have salary cap issues as is so that size of contract completely unnecesary for Kelly, who also has ties to the club through his Dad as well as a best mate who plays for North.

He isn’t Ablett or Fyfe or Danger or Buddy, would create serious dissent amongst rest of their playing group you’d think.


Gws win the flag this year and Kelly is laughing. Of course he will sign on at North if offered that sort of dough.

He is very good, but that is over the odds.

It just makes it hard to re-sign all young talent when a club does that.


Of course North would be the third to do something.



I think the AFL said that they had to sign off on the Boyd deal didn’t they? Because it was so monumental financially?


I would eat ■■■■ on toast every day and play for the worst club in existence if they offered me a mil a year


What was the average AFL wage 8 years ago?


Maybe a couple of years ago, but with the new rights deal coming up you would be mad to sign a deal for that long.


Norf are going to need a bigger tin.


Lot of money for a player who has never topped 30 disposals in a game.


Pretty stupid statement.


Ran into guy down here who claims to know Donald McDonald and says North are prepared to bid as high as necessary to get Dustin Martin…highest offer plus $100k…they reckon Martin wants to make as much money as possible, then bugger off to NZ, where I’m sure he’ll do something to get himself banned forever from coming here.


They better start rattling the tins a bit harder


That must mean they expect Kelly to knock back the offer they have for him.


some of the less “debted” clubs should all get together and call these tin-rattling irrelevants loans in.
Seriously, they only survive due to handouts.The Povo’s should learn their place in the world…


So apparently 6 million over 6 years for Dusty and 10 million over 9 years for Kelly. Crazy money if they got both.


Who the ■■■■ would want to go to North?


Norf have money?


Even if (they won’t sign one of them let alone this fantasy land where they sign both) they managed to sign both Kelly and Martin, they wouldn’t even be a top 8 team.

They have that many holes in their list that they are in La La Land if they think that signing both of those guys to mammoth contracts would help them in any way.