Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


What an insecure, whiny little fark Koch is.

Will be funny to see the Suns get over 1 billion Chinese fans for the game based on the colour of their strip and Port receiving zilch attention over there…and here too, like always.


The Gold Coast is the number 1 destination for Chinese tourist coming to Australia. Chinese national colours for the Suns.
Koch is up against it and he knows it.
Nice to see. Suck it up dh.

( someone here mentioned the red and yellow flag of China months ago, can't remember who it was, but take a bow :) )

GOLD Coast is leaving Port Adelaide president David Koch red-faced on the jumper row not even the AFL will touch before their historic clash in China.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Suns are disputing Koch’s claim there is a contractual demand for Gold Coast to abandon its red-and-yellow home jumper — which resembles the Chinese national flag — to wear white in Shanghai on May 14.

And the Suns have rebuffed Koch’s threat to have Gold Coast never again invited to China saying it is the AFL — and not the Power boss — who will decide who plays when and where on the premiership calendar.

Gold Coast put, in its reckoning, a full stop to the guernsey drama by presenting its red jumper as its official uniform for the China at an AFL-managed media presentation in Shanghai today.

The AFL is refusing to enter the stoush, with league executive Travis Auld repeating the game program has Gold Coast listed as the home team — and league rules allow the Suns to stay in red while Port Adelaide will wear black.

This is the same arrangement the AFL allows for all Suns v Power games whether they are on the Gold Coast or at Adelaide Oval because of the distinct contrast between the two clubs’ home jumpers.

Gold Coast chairman Tony Cochrane today told The Advertiser he would not “get into a public stoush” with Koch, a longstanding friend, out of respect for his work in financially refloating the once-ailing Port Adelaide Football Club.

But Cochrane invited The Advertiser to run past the AFL the explosive remarks Koch made on radio station FIVEaa during the Power’s internal trial at Alberton Oval last Friday.

Koch said: “It is in our contract that they will play their away strip.”

Gold Coast responds: “There is no written agreement.”

Koch said: “I’ve said this quite clearly from the start — if you want this to be only a one-year project for you, then you wear your home strip.

“If you want to be our partner for a number of years … well then you’ll wear your away strip.

“It’s not an ultimatum, it’s just very clear where we’re coming from. We’re paying you half-a-million dollars to buy your home game.”

Gold Coast responds: “The AFL — not Koch — has full responsibility for the league calendar.”
The Suns also dismissed the notion it has brought nothing to the commercial table for the game that will mark the first AFL premiership match played outside Australia and New Zealand.

This was backed up today with Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Steven Ciobo announcing in Shanghai that Toruism Australia will financially back the May 14 match. Ciobo is the Federal MP in Gold Coast’s south Queensland district.

The Tourism Australia logo will appear on the back of both the Suns and Power jumpers.

Cochrane told The Advertiser the Suns will continue to add to the commercial return in Shanghai by delivering Queensland Tourism and Gold Coast Tourism to the game sponsors’ list.

“We’ve played a role too,” Cochrane said. “We’ve used our marketing power too, particularly when China ranks at No. 1 in the Queensland tourism market.”

Gold Coast this week in Shanghai was named China’s most popular western destination at the annual Destination of the Year awards.

Good memory you have there miss Ellie, I posted the following in the 2016 farkport thread & I’m not really surprised it took Koch head this long to realise the obvious

“Hahaha, good one farkport, go to China to promote yor team and you play against a team that has China’s national sporting colours as their jumpers colours”

Massive lols at port


THE AFL has a new racism scandal on its hands after Adelaide Crows star Eddie Betts was targeted by a Port Adelaide fan in a series of slurs on Facebook.
After the Crows defeated the Power in Saturday night’s Showdown, Maxine Spratt took to social media and reportedly called Betts an “ape”.
“Eddie Betts … should go back to the zoo where him and his family belong,” Spratt wrote, in one post that was shared among 100,000 people.


Unbelievable. But completely believeable.


A snap shot of the broader community.


She was on the TV last night and is at least 5 tins short of a 6 pack. Both her and her partner are on “special” benefits if you know what I mean


Aside from the behavour, the one thing that staggers me is that because this individual is not a PAFC season ticket holder, they can’t ban them from entering the stadium. So anyone who gets a walk-up ticket can say whatever they like with no recriminations, then can purchase another ticket online or at the gate and do it all over again…


I don’t think the two morons even went to the game or have probably ever been to a game


The excuses coming from the two are amusing

“It’s not her fault she doesn’t like him” :joy:


Just watched the interview. Dunno, just dunno.

Her excuse was, “I just don’t like the players, never have, never will”.

Her partner: “It’s not her fault if she don’t like the players”.



these are people who vote.


This club is the essence of scum. I’ve kind of consistently hated teams at the same level for my entire life, but Port is the exception to this rule. And, for me at least, it starts at the top - Kochie, that bulbous, entitled, misogynistic, pathetic excuse for a shock jock has bred similarly entitled fans and led the charge of his club into douchery.

I am going to the Port/GC game in Shanghai and I am going to barrack for GC as if they were the Dons. I might even buy some kit. Kochie leaving Port’s first China game with a loss and a nation of new GCS fans (due to nothing other than his own idiocy) would be absolutely excellent.


The worst(?) part is that she’s happy to run her mouth but her and her partner have now cracked the sads because people have had a go back at them.
I’d be surprised if I needed more than one hand to measure their combined IQ


And breed.


An idiot fan saying idiot things on Facebook is news now?

It’s a stupid statement, and racist, and horrid, but that doesn’t make it a news story.


The racism part does. Sadly, it will never be removed from our society but still got to try I guess


And I might add, these stories where we publically lynch a crazy racist for two days and ruin their lives don’t do anything to address actual real systemic racism. That’s the sort of racism that needs to be dealt with, not this crazy cartoon villain racism that will always exist amongst the lunatic fringe.


No. It’s counterproductive if anything.


It’s not your fault you hate the Port team.