Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


Disagree. The naming & shaming will, & does act as a detterent for others, many of whom will have 2nd thoughts before posting or shouting such crap.

And if it diminishes in those forms, it transfers less to the next gen.


no it doesn’t. it just gets the “you can’t say anything anymore the worlds fkd political correctness gone mad woe is me” brigade up in arms and ■■■■■■■ and moaning more than ever.


Fake cousins profile. Monster smackdown though.


How can you measure someone’s IQ using your hand/s in the first place?


I particularly like the ice use reference, implying he clearly he has seen them around the dungeons.


Have you never heard of Phrenology?


1 - Ask person to remain perfectly still if they want to pass the test.
2 - Slowly and deliberately wind up and slap them across the face.
3 - If you make contact, they’ve failed.


Sounds like with the 7 day break the Port boys were allowed to have a few bevvies at a pub owned by a couple of the players and a decent brawl broke out. Sounds like Jackson Trengove belted a couple of people


Aceman always first with the SA news. Such a valuable resource for BB.


Port Adelaide. So classy.


Rumours on social media that someone wouldn’t stop hitting up his missus.


My son sent me a text a little while ago saying he tried to break up a domestic and got king hit so he belted both the offenders


both are fair enough.

at least no frisbee with a dog.


If true that should be put out in a press release and he be allowed to play next week.


I’m OS ATM so not up with it fully but my understanding is that police have reviewed the camera footage and he has been cleared. Port has also said he is clear and will play this week.
My wife was on the phone to her mother a few minutes ago and they were discussing it


You’re Trengrove’s father???


No, maybe that came across the wrong way.
My son sent me a text reporting what he had heard about Trengove




He got a text from his son John Butcher.