Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


You’d reckon assistant coaches would be falling over themselves to get that gig.
No, seriously.




Okay kockie you ■■■■!!!

Hinkley was already am assistant there before so would have some sort of understanding.

This is fantastic news


Will Hinkley be taking some tarps with him?


No you can never tear up their tarps


*in the beat of never tear us apart
He will never take our tarps!


Apparently Hinkley asking Port to release him from his contract. Can’t he just resign? Given how the AFL operates, it wouldn’t surprise me if they offer to pay whatever compensation he might owe to Port if he walks out on them to join the Suns. Either way Ken is in a pretty good bargaining position. Has a 5-year offer on the table from GC, he can tell Koch to either match those terms or he’s gone. I hope they implode big time. With Ollie Wines uncontracted past 2018 if he then walks out on them… LOL!

PS: Would FAP if we got Wines!



Kochies big mouth and attitude now has him in a standoff.

The board either needs to back in coach or CEO

Realistically Kochie should be getting pushed out, how funny would that be!

If Hinkley leaves on account of Kochie could be player exodus as well.


People close to Port reckon he is staying


Koch or Hinkley?




3 year extension for Ken


I wouldn’t want Koch at the club he’s the main problem why Hinkley is thinking of walking out keep Hinkley and sack Koch.


Gold Coast Suns have now got contract extensions for two head coaches.

They still haven’t managed to get a head coach for themselves though.


Thank God Hinkley is a wise man - What experienced coach would ever want to move to the GC ? - Poor culture, average list, sub-standard facilites, questionable facilities - GC is a job for a new coach who can hopefully stamp their imprint on the club.






Officially signed until the end of 2021
Hats off to Ken and his manager they have milked a absolute fortune out of this


he seems like an alright coach i suppose, but is he THAT good?


Anyone that can get their side into finals with that pelican kocky at the helm deserves 10 years.