Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


That’s great if it means we don’t have to keep hearing about PORTS FITNESS FAP FAP FAP


How so?


RUN RUN RUN RUN, they get beaten up around the ball.


Got them within a kick of a flag a few years ago when they were about the 5th best side in it
I put it to you that Polec and co would be ■■■■ around the ball whoever was coaching them


Nathan Krakouer in trouble again after flipping his lid and smashing a window of a taxi. Is already about to be delisted aswell


Hinkley goneski


rabble rabble rabble rabble


What goes around




Yeah that’s what the HScum is writing, that he is going to ask to be released from his contract.


If Hinkley leaves…
I wouldn’t be surprised if Port rebuild and Robbie Gray finding his was to another club.
Geelong will be favourite as always…


There’s an announcement scheduled for 4pm today apparently.


Lol. Fark this mob


Just another chapter in the low morals and ethics of Gilligan and his crooks. Pretty amazing that despite being warned to back off by Port twice that the Suns with AFL money will poach a contracted coach. They will do anything to ensure that basket case up North survives


If Hinkley goes to the coast and they fail to improve then they must fold. This should be the last chance.
It’s fucken laughable that the AFL still think they can have a successful team there when even NRL teams go broke at the Gold Coast


He wouldn’t be leaving except Kochie has the biggest mouth in the land. He makes Eddie look circumspect.


Yeah but Cochrane is as big of a Koch as Koch


Yeah but Hinkley doesn’t know that yet. lol


Haha is his really happening? Fark port.


The report claims Koch apologised to Hinkley for publicly criticising the club’s playing group in a bid to bring the 50-year-old back to the negotiating table at the secret meeting.
It follows reports of a falling out between Hinkley and Koch over the Channel 7 star’s outspoken criticism of the Power playing group in the aftermath of their extra-time loss to West Coast in the first week of the AFL Finals series.