Season 2017 - Port Adelaide


that’s an absurd take on Aceman’s comment


I’m an absurd person.


I find it more interesting when they do.

Always wonder whether Lovett got financial compo from St Kilda given he was stood down over an incident he was later cleared of.


Its St Kilda. They probaby just gave him a bag of pingers and Kim Duthies phone number


Port are the side that have been most interesting in this post season IMO.

I will be fascinated to see how far they can go in 2018.

They really have thrown out any sense of player loyalty, and made themselves into some kind of free agent club of choice. They seem to want AFL senior experience deep into their list.

I actually commend them for being bold.


Can all this post season activity be traced back to Koch’s tirade, about if the players don’t want to be here, we will ditch them post haste and bring in dregs from all around the league etc. etc. in their quest for a flag? Perhaps there is nothing in this, perhaps it is only a coincidence.


Could pay dividends but outside their best 22 they don’t have much experience. Gray may miss part of the season and I wouldn’t wish chemo on anyone. IMO they have cut for salary cap reasons. It seems more clubs are reducing their primary lists for that reason. EFC should do the same to pay for the McGrath s etc. The dorfs and plastic fantastic are loaded with cap space


Signed Trent McKenzie as a DFA.


lol They had to cut because they have just paid way overs for 3 FA’s.




Apparently they have space in their TPP because Ryder’s and Monfries’s salaries weren’t included in 2016 because we were paying it. And you’re allowed to catch up in subsequent years.


Port is one of four clubs which didn’t automatically factor the 20% increase in the salary cap into current contracts - I believe WC/Ess/Ade are in the same boat - It effectively means they have an extra 1.5 to 2 million to spend in 2018. Smart work by the clubs.


Agree. But my post was more about depth. I don’t see it unless the 2nd yearlies stand up.


Fark Port, Fark Kochie


Port’s apparent strategy was “get everyone…except Francis.”


Port undeniably a better team that they were before the trade period. Adding Rockliff, Motlop and Watts will make a difference. I dont think it will push them into top four but clearly a stronger roster now.


Adding Motlop will definitely strengthen their side for two rounds of the season.


Lindsay Thomas delisted by North. Will Port take on another discard?




Port have apparently committed to taking him as a rookie.

Baffling. He would have been on a good contract at norf, why would he go be a rookie elsewhere?