Season 2017 - Richmond


Maybe now, but in 2 weeks time all those points will be irrelevant when they win the flag.


Too many Richmond lovers lurking here…


I hate the ■■■■■.


If they make the GF could be a good weekend to go interstate



Fk off you bandwagon inbreds


How far ahead of themselves are their fans. Want their hearts broken on the weekend. After the siren loss with Deledio kicking the goal as a result of a terrible umpiring decision.


I have already made peace with the fact that they will be in the GF, just hoping like hell Adelaide can beat them. If Geelong makes the GF - Richmond will roll them


There are always sides I barrack against during finals. Hawthorn every year for instance… Well there is no sympathy for Richmond whatsoever. I don’t care who wins it as long as they don’t. And I hope they don’t make the GF as next week will be unbearable… Then they can reset and screw it all up next year. I honestly don’t rate their list at all. Their defence, mids and forwards are literally not elite in any way. Their quick smalls can create pressure but mostly they’re playing above themselves and have never ever shown the discipline they have this year. They don’t have the talent to back it up next year so I hope they fall over and then we won’t see them back in the top 4 for a while.


In front of 90 000 of them aswell, would be a thing of beauty


Had to laugh at the news before talking about upset Richmond fans missing out on tickets to a final against GWS in a 100k stadium.

Are these the same fans who “missed out” turning up against Brisbane at Etihad this year when they drew a paltry 28k.

They played GWS at the MCG in round 18 this year and drew 33k, 2 months later they’re selling out the G against the same opponent to the point fans have missed out on tickets. WTF


Rance to be called for deliberate out, thanks.


It’s a prelim?

I don’t often get to games.
But i’d sure as ■■■■ make a bit more effort for a prelim


Well this weekend is IT for me, the moment I’ve been waiting for all season.

This is the week that every tigers fan has been dreaming about since 1982 - making a grand final.

They’ve got the best defender in the history of the game - in fact the history of any football code, the best midfielder ever to wear a neck tattoo…and they’ve got Bachar Houli.

They be out in force this week, out of the woodwork, crawling across sleeping babies faces like rats from the black plague. They’ll be relentessly annoying, smuggly arrogant, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be playing the semi final and then the GF on their home ground with the support of the TIGER ARMY.

And this is why I am so looking forward to seeing their forlorn faces at work on Monday when they get [email protected] bundled out this weekend before the dream truley had a chance to materialise.

I p/ss on you tigerland, YOU and your SH/T STAIN supporters. Wait another 37 years.


As hot as the Tigers are right now, the Giants are capable. If they turn up and play their absolute best, and not as a bunch of cocky individuals, they might just push them all the way.


Yeah but but they had the biggest home and away crowed in the comp (albeit with 6 ectra MCG home games than essendon)


It’s a 100k stadium with very likely ZERO opposition supporters in attendance, and they STILL had fans miss out on tickets!

Prelim or not they’ve gone from 33k in July for a big home and away game against GWS to an expected 95k for a prelim.


Quality rant! I really hope the Giants win too for the same reasons!


What’s not to like about a team with a black jumper and a primary coloured sash? Go Tigers!


In fairness, the weather was awful that day. They did well to get 33k given the conditions.


Instaban please !