Season 2017 - Richmond



But victim blaming will live on forever.


I call bull crap on that. You’ve said nothing except that you’ve been told unspecified things by unnamed people. What specifically have you been told about the girl consenting to have her photo shared, and by whom?


Kill the player. But ignore the media that also circulated the photo.

Journalism 101


Okay then: I was told that the girl in question was well aware that the image was going to be shown around and had posed for it deliberately for that reason. I was told that her family found out and were indignant and that she then said she didn’t agree to it to save face with them. I was told it was the family who went to the cops not the girl.

Does that help you a little better?


If it was one of my daughters, two years wouldn’t seem like enough.


She pretty muched doxed the woman who complained about Martins behaviour, now shes disgusted by this? Her opinion is worthless.


Footballers must be the dumbest people on the planet.


Dumb people with money do damage, and unfortunately don’t pay the consequences.


Caro is worthless


Yes it does. Although the story you were told seems like exactly the sort of thing one would expect a Richmond insider to say, and it’s a little hard to imagine a girl photographed like that saying, Yes, honey, of course I’d like you to send it to all your mates.


‘Richmond Expose the Free Nipple Campaign’ by C. Wilson


It’s also very hard to imagine that she wanted it to be seen by all the people who appear to have seen it.


In my opinion she has a negative worth far and beyond worhtlessness.


If we win the flag, I want all 22 medals photographed in that fashion and a 2 week bender


What an over-reaction to a pair of ■■■■ ?

And all this moral indignation about it ?

If you get your photo taken, one would assume that others will look at it, so why agreed in the first place. I have taken lots of photos of girl friends and wives over the years, none showing their naked chests or any other furry bits, but I have showed these photos to others. Done the same with photos of kids, grand kids and my dogs.

I didn’t ask their permission, hope they don’t go to the police.


You haven’t been on the internet very long I assume?


Good publicity.


Reckon that is a pretty outdated view from someone who generally a little more in touch.


Charges not being pressed. Would be miles away to suggest Balme doing some of his best work