Season 2017 - Western Bulldogs

It might end up coming down to who is available but you wouldn’t expect Roughead, Boyd, Redpath and Cloke to be in the same side
At this point Roughead is probably their number one choice for ruck, which leaves the other three as the key forward/backup ruckman. Cloke’s disadvantage is that he’s the worst ruck out of those three

Cloke & Boyd is their best option atm, might change when Roughead gets fit but I don’t think he’s really that much chop in ruck either.

Worst spine of any flag team I can remember.

West Coast would give them a run.
Cox and Glass might keep them ahead of the dogs but iirc they had Lynch, Hansen, Hunter and Seaby + couple of mid sized guys like Jones (Brett and Rowan) as well as Butler
Some of the Geelong sides weren’t much better

Geelong had one of the all time great backlines, King / Otten through the years, and a workmanlike forwardline.
West Coast had Dean Cox, Glass + (as much as he was a bell-end) Adam Hunter down back and a workmanlike forward line
Dogs have Dale Morris and… erm.

Looks like a temporary fault occurred down in Footscray in 2016. Don’t worry, normal service has now resumed

I wouldn’t mind us having a temporary fault



Before the season began, I was ribbing my doggies-supporting brother-in-law about the ‘Woewodin premiership’ they had won.

Ameet Bains about to take over as CEO at the Dogs


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No dice. Ameet’s legit. Was a good sport during #Pick5 fest


That’s ameetzing news

He’s their fourth CEO in three seasons. They’ll need these.

32 am




didnt he turn down the CEO job at Hawthorn?

Wouldn’t you? reserved for women and Geelong-types.

Cloke set to retire.

Footscray make me wanna spew.
We got stringer!!! You never got pick 11…
Ha ha

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Hahaha such a fantastic set of circumstances!

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