Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


The problem with your theory IMO is he got him with an extended arm, don’t think their bodies touched much, if at all. Eyes seem to be on Andrews, not the ball.

IMO he had the option to clean him up pretty fairly - he was going at full pace, Andrews was moving pretty slowly backwards - but he didn’t, he went one arm to the head. Has to be 5+


Eyes on the man, didn’t even attempt to mark the ball, collected him with his elbow and Andrews severely injured. Also has history, hope he gets a holiday. Weak act.


play on for mine.


As if.


Tough guy alert


perhaps just pining for the tough old days.

Ever watched the biggest hits from the 70s and 80s VHS. So much fun.


Bet you it wasn’t fun to the blokes copping it


The good old 80s where dermott thought it was hilarious to hold a teammates head under water as a joke.


The good old days where it wasn’t really a win unless you made someone bleed from the brain


Yeah but then again - Lewis got a week(?) for jumping up and intentionally smacking a (port?) player in the face.


Go back even farther and it was even more fun!
Those crazy Christians and those angry Lions were so funny!


I want to go back to the days players suffered the rest of their lives for what happened on the field, you know like Diesel and guys like that.

As long as I am entertained with big hits, what does it matter?


Starting to think footy in the 80s must’ve really sucked if the only good thing was watching people get injured




Bring back the braindamageiff!


Like maybe 80’s footy fans should just go watch bum fights


UFC didn’t explode for nothing.


did this really happen?


He told a story on one of those footy shows hosted by neroli.


Lol tough old days. The only player that was tough in that contest was Andrews.