Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


What a dirtbag


what a dumb dumb.


Camera phones and social media - what more does a pi**ed off person need.


I love other clubs players getting caught like this but I really hope our guys are a bit more social media savvy. But for now pass the popcorn…


Hell hath no fury


Coolidge effect at work.


Apart from just now, I can’t recall the last time I heard or read ‘replete’ being used.


Meh, pretty sure Shania Twain’s husband cheated on her…


That don’t impress me much.


she obviously wasn’t still the one.


YES, they are a brisbane based company


I’m probably the odd one out but reckon she is bang average


Obviously the hubby did too after a while!


How did this turn into anything about her???

■■■■■■■ weird how we see things and it’s the females fault somehow.


Wash your mouth out…but I’m remembering from 15 years ago.


I am well read.


I assumed he was alluding to Shania Twain…and I assume it’s Zorko they’re alluding to in the social media, not Beams.


Correct on both counts


ok apologies.


I don’t condone it but would we be reacting this way if it was Bob from down the road?

Not the first bloke to cheat on his missus and women are just as guilty of doing this too but really it’s only blown up because he is a footy player.