Season 2018 - Collingwood


Be still my beating heart.


Before this year they had gone backwards every season under Buckley.
Don’t really rate them still


Hooker to full forward next week. Will have 10 inside 50 marks with Dunn out, probably kick 2.5 and 3 out on the full.


De Goey signs on. North melbourne can’t buy a player.


It seems like they are just going after players who are clearly ungettable. There was no way de goey was leaving, not yet anyway. Maybe they are just trying to push the contracts up and swoop on others who may be squeezed out?




Admittedly 25% of the $5m offer was contingency for bail money.


Ben Reid out for at least 4 weeks after undergoing surgery on his knees


Do they?


Collingwood still have to play us, West Coast, North, Richmond, Sydney and Port.

Plus Brisbane (a likely win) and Freo over in Perth.

I don’t think top 4 is guaranteed.


I know we have to wind back the clock a fair bit to look at our own history, but yes for Collingwood

2002 4th
2003 2nd
2004 13th
2005 15th
2006 7th
2007 4th
2008 6th
2009 4th
2010 1st
2011 1st
2012 4th
2013 6th
2014 11th
2015 12th
2016 12th
2017 13th
2018 2nd (currently)


8 years? Not sure that’s as quick as you think


Quicker than our turnarounds. And I’d say more so 4-5 years than 8. Top 4 is pretty good and man I’d take 6th any day of the week.

What would you say the average turnaround is ? Serious question. It Took port some time. Not many quicker spring to mind.



2005 - 1st
2006 2nd
2007 - 7th
2008 - 6
2009 - 12
2010 - 5
2011 - 7
2012 - 1
2013 - 4
2014 - 2
2015 - 4
2016 - 3
2017 - 6
2018 - currently 4


West coast and hawks have done it quicker. Sydney have never really bottomed out either.

Comparing it to us is like comparing Usain bolt to me in terms of sprints.


Hawks haven’t turned it around. They may not have bottomed out yet


Is it just me or is Collingwood’s injury list significantly overstated?
Everyone craps on like half their list is missing.

This is their injury list according to the AFL site today:

Flynn Appleby
Tim Broomhead
Lynden Dunn
Tyson Goldsack
Kayle Kirby
Darcy Moore
Ben Reid
Adam Treloar
Daniel Wells
Rupert Wills

Treloar is clearly the most important one missing.

Dunn, Goldsack, Moore, Reid and Wells are the only other ones that could mount a case that they are best 22.
Considering the roles Dunn, Goldsack, Moore and Reid play, I find it hard to believe that more than 2 of them would be in the team now at any one time.

At the absolute most, they are missing 4 of their best 22 imo. Of those, Treloar would be a top 10 player on their list and none of the others would be even close.


Tbf Elliott and another only just returned from injury this week.


Elliott fair enough…was Varcoe the other? I don’t understand why they’re even picking him. If he’s in their best 22, he’s 22nd at best :slight_smile:


Fasolo was the other. He hasn’t played his best footy for a couple of years now though really and the emergence of guys like Stephenson have more than negated that loss.

Varcoe had also been injured. Greenwood isn’t exactly a superstar but he missed basically the first half of the season as well.

They haven’t had a great run but they could feasibly have everyone except for Dunn and Wells available from best 22 come finals time if everything went right from here.

GWS are the other mob who might be timing the health of their list nicely. Patton the only best 22’er definitely out for a potential finals campaign. Scully and Williams with a bit of work to do though and would want to get their skates on.