Season 2018 - Collingwood


I’m convinced it is because their kicking efficiency measure is flat out broken and ball retention is undervalued


Champion data reckons Zerret is a poor kick


Champion Caca


But Jack Sinclair (who?) is elite.


Yeah possibly, but you would think they would have tweaked it from last year and how horribly wrong it was.

Danger is always rated as high kicking efficiency yet he typicall bang it long to dead space and it comes back pretty quick.

I also think there is wild difference in CD stats depending on who is taking them. Some ESS games I’m shocked at the results like KE% and other seems about right.


Wet lettuce for De Goey

Back for round 1 no doubt as Eddie doesn’t want it affecting sides performance. “can’t afford to not have our good players out there”

So predictable


List is still sh*t whether he plays or not Ed.


You’ll still finish bottom 4 you detectable ■■■■


Good. He deserves to play. It’s his fkn livelihood. Let the law hand out punishments.


If De Goey is one of their “good players” then they are in more trouble than I thought.


Indefinite suspension = not actually defined suspension = “farkyouthatswhy.gif”


Sandy Roberts just now:

“That’s Cox. That’s what Collingwood want to see.”

Never a truer word spoken.


Big loss already - Goldsack out for the season after doing his ACL during yesterday’s game.


That’s no good.


No doubting that Treloar can play, but did the Pies give up too much to get him ?

As compared to what we paid for Devon Smith, you’d have to say YES.
You be the judge…


Nick’s Collingwood Forum seems years old in more ways than one.

“Is Varcoe finished?”



Was browsing it earlier. They’ve got their own “■■■■ carlton” thread


I heard Bucks talking on the radio last week. He just keeps banging on with management speak. He talks like he is doing a job interview for a CEO job. Every answer to a question goes on for 1-2 minutes. It seems like Yes or No is not in his lexicon. Smart, he extends the length of each answer so we all forget what the question was, and are so bored, we dont bother asking anymore ( more difficult) questions

Look if I was a collingwood fan, I would have to say. Stfu and coach the team so it goes up the ladder each year, not down.


People bagging Collingwood skill level on Saturday night obviously didn’t watch our game on Friday night. Our determination and effort got us over the line


Dunno their JLT form, didn’t watch Saturday night. Any chance these gronks will finish last?