Season 2018 - Essendon


Hang on a minute!
That’s half a boot, not half a foot!


If you want my opinion on any of this, just ask.


I thought you’d be stumped for witty retorts by now.


Seriously, people will watch players in the red and black regardless of the competition. Where’s the loyalty/support especially when it’s the first “competitive” hit out against opposition!?


I’m sure you’ll see more enthusiasm once we start playing Australian Rules Football.


Soooo, you’ve been watching the E-sport team then? Or am I seeing a bit of hypocrisy here?


Someone have a word to Hind please. tell him that to catch Saad, you need to put at least one foot on the ground.


If he can get that levitation thing happening a bit more though, he could be quite a player.


spongy grass


He didn’t catch him. Blitz bbq has a pretty good view as I recall


Give you an inch, you’d probably take a foot.


Don’t blame the player for poor photoshop skills.
Handling shadows can be tricky - easier to cut and paste Hind as airborne to fit the frame.


I heard Nick Hind knocked back being drafted for AFL because he’s going to be in the next Star Wars movie.


Ha! Can’t say I have but hypocrisy, wouldn’t think so given I have zero knowledge of the boys plying their trade. Maybe in time. There’s only so much obsessive room/space I’m able to devote to people at any one time


Stop bragging and get back on topic.


The implications here…my apologies to Mrs HAP.


Say that again?


I’m five foot ten and a half inches.

Yes, I look taller than five foot.


Oh sorry, I’ll speak up! When Essendon plays a game of footy which is televised on TV I will watch it because I’m really excited to see how the boys go against AFL listed opponents. Go Bombers


Champion Data rating Geelong even top 10 in either key forwards or key backs proves what a joke they are.

Yet they’re 1 or 2 and zero depth on either line.

But they did rate Jack Sinclair (who?) of St Kilda elite.