Season 2018 - Essendon


I agree absolutely. I find it hard to watch footy when teams other than the Bombers are playing.


Touch wood* I’ll keep giving.
*touches wood…


Lame and limp response.



when as you say you add in stringer, tippa, raz, on paper if that midfield rotational group click, look out.

big emphasis on clicking though. all the pieces are definately there. just got to put them all together.


Devon Smith is the sleeping giant boys.


He’s a stealth bomber now.


Jlt on Saturday. Wheres the team?


Best 22 now we know who is likely to be fit.

I know they haven’t all shown good form, but there hasn’t been much time for that with the write off performance in round 1, and the fact that we are down Raz, Gleeson, Lav and Francis - and hopefully have Zaka available

B: Baguley Hooker Ambrose
HB: McKenna Hurley Saad
C: McGrath Myers Parish
HF: McDonald-Tipungwuti Daniher Smith
F: Stringer Stewart Green
R: Bellchambers Heppell Merrett
INT: Zaharakis Goddard Begley Langford
EMG: Smack, Brown, McNiece

EDIT: apologies for doubling up on Langford as an emergency - fixed.


When did we clone Langford?


Would seem to be better candidates for the use of that technology.


cue @Clone_Hirdy


This is my round 1 side. Brown/dea flip of the coin

B: Baguley Ambrose Dea
HB: McKenna Hurley Saad
C: McGrath Smith Zaharakis
HF: McDonald-Tipungwuti Daniher Stringer
F: Stewart Hooker Green

R: Bellchambers Heppell Merrett

INT: Myers Parish Begley Goddard

EMG: McKernan, Langford, Mcniece


I keep thinking that the Gleeson injury could send Hooker back and Stringer plays a higher percentage up forward. Hooker strengths down back was his intercept marking


out defence has been pretty unsteady since his switch forward.

maybe throw hartley forward to be that kick on top of their head forward and he just punches it forward of raz, tippa, green, stewart.


I like a bit of lateral thinking, but I wonder if Don Draper would be better suited to that role, if not now - soon, and totally sort the relief ruck question and accelerate his progress to #1ruck. He would have better tap skills with his volleyball background, and he is spending time forward to reasonable effect in the 2’s.


I think you nailed it. Can’t see others force their way in - I think when Fantisa returns, it’ll be either Begley or Green who’ll make the way. I’m hoping the latter.


I love Draper, but I’ve never seen Hartley play forward and I’d still try him there in the AFL before him.


Hartley forward really should be tried at some stage.

Just to see what happens.


Nice SCarey, but I would switch Green and Smack


Draper comes from soccer not volleyball
Centre back as evident in his love to tackle show pony forwards