Season 2018 - Fremantle


Coach – Ross Lyon

Points For – 18th
Points Against – 15th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Brad Hill
  2. Lachie Neale
  3. Nat Fyfe
  4. David Mundy
  5. Michael Walters

2017 Rising Star Noms

Luke Ryan (Rnd 20)

Ins – Brandon Matera, Nathan Wilson, Andrew Brayshaw, Adam Cerra, Hugh Dixon, Mitch Crowden, Tom North, Lloyd Meek, Scott Jones, Sam Switkowski, Bailey Banfield, Stefan Giro

Outs – Zac Dawson, Garrick Ibbotson, Shane Yarran, Zac Clarke, Sam Collins, Josh Deluca-Cardillo, Matthew Uebergang, Jonathon Griffin, Nick Suban, Hayden Crozier, Lachie Weller, Harley Balic

My Prediction

I am going to be in the minority here but I don’t mind what Freo has done over the past couple of years. They have turned over their list and added some decent talent in the process.

The backline is young with the exception of Johnson who is still loitering around the list (as well as Leederville kebab shops) and still worthy of a game. They have Logue coming through with Cox who look to be the talls along with Hamling who performed pretty well last year. They found a good one in Luke Ryan and add Wilson from GWS as a running half back. They are still thin for talent back there but they have a solid base.

They have added some serious talent to their midfield with Cerra and Brayshaw. I would think both would be close to a lock for 15 games next year. Fyfe showed in the international rules series that his body is almost back to where it needs to be and then you through in Neale and things dont look too bad. Walters and the Hill brothers gives the midfield class and speed. Mundy is a bill and on top you have Bennell who could be anything or nothing.

The forward line has been the achilles heel of Freo for as long as I can remember. Adding Matera really isnt going to make a lot of difference. They will be hoping that McCarthy will be better for the run and ignoring the fact that when he played his best footy at GWS he had serious talent around him. Kersten is a plodder and thensurely if Taberner was ever going to show anything, he would have by now. The small forwards are fine, adding Matera to Ballantyne with Walters and Hill(s) rotating looks solid. The talls though are an issue and will continue to be an issue.

The ruck looked a concern last year with Sandilands coming to the end and no one ready to step up. Then in strode Sean Darcy who looks as promising as any young ruck going around. Talking about the coach is a bunfight. There are those who believe he is a great coach who has got mediocre lists within touching distance of a premiership and those who believe his gameplan will never win one. I tend to lean towards option one.

Overall I think Freo are building a list with a view to having a tilt in 2-3 years and I think they would be ok with where that list is at. They still need a quality tall forward and I am sure they have some cash set aside for Hogan again at some stage. I think this year they will improve on last year and I can see them in the 10-12 range.


Best 22
I dont want many Fremantle games

B: Spurr Hamling Logue
HB: Wilson Johnson Ryan
C: S Hill Blakely B Hill
HF: Walters McCarthy Bennell
F: Ballantyne Kersten Matera
R: Sandilands Fyfe Neale
INT: Mundy Brayshaw Cerra Tucker
Emg Darcy, D Pearce T Sheridan

Wilson Bennell and Matera are effectively 3 new recruits, given Bennell barely played last year.
Im not sure if Ballantyne is in Ross’s plans for the Future.
Will most likely be sandilands last year, and Darcy looks ready to take over, will be interesting if they choose to play both at times, no doubt Sandilands will get injured through the year.

Freo have ability to play small fast forwardline like Tigers/Dogs game plan if they choose. Bennell, Walters, Matera and Ballantyne are all handy.

Still having Kersten up forward makes the forwadline look a bit spuddy, but he kicked over 20 goals last year, and Not sure if Taberner is much better. Apeness hasnt come on.

Midfield looks ok if Fyfe is back to his best.
Fremantle could bounce back Prediction 8th-14th, they are a smoky of a chance to make the 8 if everything goes right

Suban got delisted, didn’t he?

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They’ve done a very effective rush job of a rebuild. That said, huge list turnovers usually equal short term pain. While the best 22 looks solid, things rarely go perfectly and I expect them to be one of the more competitive bottom 6 teams.

I think they’ll be a genuine contender in 2019

15th - 13th

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Bottom 4, Lyon will be gone at the end of the season

No chance of that at all.

Signed til 2020.

Ross the Toss.


Will finish higher than Carlton.

If Fyfe, Neale and Bennell play 22 they will be ok

To win the flag, you need Blitz to rate you 13-18. Put your house on Freo.

Contracts don’t mean much. If they finish bottom 4 he is gone

Freo have a big advantage at home and I think their list is no worse than last year. They finished 14th so I’ll go 10-16 noting injury can play a big part positively or negatively.

Ross has lost the players. They do not like him.

Yes. Playing for South Fremantle this season.

I’m keen to hear more on this…

They’re very hard to read.
Their percentage last season was the second worst in the comp, so 14th probably flattered them.

I still reckon they’ve got some very dangerous players and a proven coach so you never know. But Lyon has never rebuilt a team so that is a big shadow over them.
@anon71769209 ‘s post is interesting

LOL Ross Lyon.

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I’m quite happy for Ross to hand us the premiership: Joe D to score more than they do.

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Freo have a solid group of 25-28 players and will be hard to beat at home. They can challenge for the 8 if they can consistently field their best 22.

Freo have some talented/emerging bigs: Hamling, Logue, McCarthy, Cox, Alex Pearce & Darcy. I expect Alex Pearce to force his way back in and they should consider Darcy at FF.

Freo have one of the better lists of running players: Ryan, Wilson, Blakely, Stephen & Brad Hill, Bennell, Walters, Brayshaw & Cerra. Add Fyfe, Mundy & Neale and it’s not hard to see them beating any team on their day. Matera will allow Walters to spend more time in the midfield.

Best 22 by end of the year:

B Johnson Hamling Blakely
HB Ryan A Pearce Wilson
C Walters Fyfe S Hill
HF Mundy McCarthy Bennell
FF Ballantyne Darcy Matera

R Sandilands B Hill Neale
I Cox Logue Brayshaw Cerra

E Hughes Tucker Langdon Taberner Kersten Spurr Banfield Nyhuis