Season 2018 - Geelong


Off site clinic hey?


The ghost of Dean Robinson lives on at Geelong.



Still no certainties to make the 8.
Need to find another 4 wins from this draw.

If the Dees can defeat them at Kardinia Park next week, they would have to beat the Hawks at the G, as well as win their other games (which they should), assuming Rich beat them.


Should be 3 gimmes down there at Baytec/Skilled/Symonds/GMHBA


Shell Stadium ?


Regardless of the 3 gimmes, if the Demons beat them, they probably go into that Hawthorn game needing to win their last 3…pressure !


Knew I’d forgotten one.


Love the commentators talking up Abletts game last night. He was trash.




I guess we’ll have to wait till closer to the game. But I’d want Cats to beat Hawks at this stage. Hawks have a better run home and we need them to drop a couple.


Great example of how to add an aging champion in such a way that you lessen the impact of your best two players


DangerWood Junior


He got all the clearances in the last when the heat was on and Geeong came back. 10 clearances and 13 contested possessions for the game? He’s better than all of our midfielders.




Patelry Dangerblettood.




Garrickel Selgerett


goodbloke mcleadersip


It would be my favourite thing to happen in 2018 if Geelong - sporting their media circle jerk, good bloke certified, holy trinity midfield - missed finals.