Season 2018 - Geelong


Okay then, how’s this for a hypothetical.
We go into the last Round needing a win to make the Finals.
You have an opportunity to bring Ablett in at the expense of 1 of Zerrett, Heppell, or Smith.
Would you do it ?

This should be a poll !


Good poll and interesting scenario.

I rate Ablett but wouldn’t drop any of those players. Huh - I may actually be happy with our home grown midfield after all.


I just couldn’t believe what I was reading from benny-phone, and frankly am wondering if he was kidding.

Many of Ablett’s disposals now are inconsequential.
He’s a fair way into decline, which is okay given his age/longevity.


He isn’t what he was, but he won most of Geeong clearances in the last. He put his hand up.

By the way, if play the kids ahead of him… But… He’s still better than all our mids.


Interesting hypothetical.
I’ve thought about it, and my response surprised me.
In that scenario, I would bring him in, replacing… Smith.


No, he’s not.


Don’t very me wrong, i still like GAJ, but in finals footy I want a brick wall not a revolving door. Maybe Heppel, but even then NO.


Jatricky Abelwoodield.


GAblett - phoning it in these days, benny.


Dees are 4-1-27 in Geelong since the early 70s, with a couple of huge wallopings in recent years.
Reckon I’ll tip the Cats.


That’s fair.
If I was in a tipping comp, I’d probably do the same.
Still, this is the handiest Demons team for a dozen years, and the Cats are a bit hot and cold.

Wouldn’t be a huge upset if Melb got up.


All true

I’m still not convinced by Melbourne.
Good teams don’t get dismantled by St Kilda*, good teams don’t lose 3 on the trot* *. Good teams sometimes beat other good teams, as it sits Melbourne’s beaten nothing. If they don’t win this they’re confirmed also-rans for mine.

( yes i know both those things happened to richmond last year)


Dees are blowing both hotter and colder than the Cats right now.


Churcher Surfducker Junior


Everyone has seen Carlton/ Brisbane. None of the big clubs want a ground up rebuilt that could set them back for decades.

I reckon Geelong think that they should be able to fill the gaps based on the Sydney model. If so, They have a big shopping list and not much to spend.

Will they just delay the inevitable or can they do a Sydney ?


Well they dont have the swans academy.
Which is gifting them Blakeys son this year (top 10 pick).

They need another Tall Forward IMO. Hawkins getting Old and not great 1v2 all the time
And they need a better ruck.

Timmy and Gary suggested playing Ablett off the Half Back Flank.
I think they should play him in the forward pocket and tell him to grow his hair and a moe.


I think that Geelong are finally headed for their long overdue fall from the heights.

They bet the house on success in the last few trade periods and have failed the achieve the desired level of success.

They’ve lost too many top end players in the last few years and few of the players coming through have looked like becoming top end talent.


I thought Hawthorn would go lower than they did and for longer. They managed to delay the big fall. Now Hawthorn are back in the 8, they will have a harder draw next year, which should bring them back to the pack a bit.

Geelong have so many problems on all 3 lines, including a midfield that is the goat on reputation, but no longer performs when the heat is on. aka their midfielders are too old.


The midfield issue for Geelong is that they rely on 3 players to win for them. A midfield requires more than 3 star players, you need a large group that can play the role well enough. They have 3, that’s it, the rest are not up to it and they have no depth there.

What is worse (or better) is that they are forced to rotate the 3 through the forwardline in order to score enough goals as their forwardline consists of one good player (Hawkins) and a one cameo (Menzel).

They rob Peter to pay Paul.


Who are the 3 IT?