Season 2018 - Geelong


Menzel is the kind of player Port Adelaide would take.


These donkeys are about to go off a massive cliff. Their list is absolutely putrid and is held together by 2 - 3 very good players and 1 star player who are all over 30 or there about.


Getting rid of Menzel is one thing, but they picked up Gary Rohan? If I had the choice between having either of them at Essendon I’d take Menzel in a heartbeat.


I would’ve thought we’d be interested considering our lack of small forwards on the list.


Their age of over-achievement is coming to an end


I’d take Menzel for sure, unless he’s all kinds of cooked I’m not sure what Geelong are thinking. If all our forwads are fit then I understand he doesn’t get a run unless he’s killing it, but he is at the very least great depth as proven goal kicker and an upgrade on Green or anyone else in the 2nds.

I get that his knock is forward pressure, but geez he’s still a dynamic and dangerous forward. If we think we are a chance in the next couple of years then he adds something in an area we lacking depth in.


To me, he looks like someone that would rather play senior footy week-in, week-out rather than become a fringe player in a team looking to be challenging for top four. There might not be a lot of takers, but say his choice was the Dogs (crying out for anyone who can kick a goal, so would slot into a HFF/FP without any hesitation) or us (competition for spots in the forward line, might be the 21st-25th player on the list), he would play for the Dogs. Plus they’d me more likely to offer a longer tenure/more money contract wise too. I feel for him, he’s overcome so many setbacks with his knee to get back to playing senior footy, shown he can play, yet his future in the AFL at the minute is under a cloud.


You know Menzel is the same height as Darling?


He would be a good pickup for Carlton.


I don’t really want him as he is hopeless defensively, but he’s still got to be better than Jake Long.



he’s got all the downsides of green, without having any of the roving and crumbing ability.


Gee the cats are hurling towards a cliff fast. Anybody who is any good is giving around 29 and above and their second string players are seriously lacking. Last year would have to be their last dip at a flag before they admit defeat, see off a bunch of players and hit the draft hard.