Season 2018 - Geelong


If he was that desperate to go home he could of gone to Freo. The fact that he only wanted to go to west coast speaks volumes.

Coming out in the media ripping into the club is just the worst thing you can do. Keep that stuff behind closed doors

As a first year player, you don’t get to decide where you go.


Going to be a long year for Kelly.


The picks offered by WC were fair, however I reckon that they could have gone next years first and a second round for this draft. He would have complimented their midfield so well


Things were so bad for Kelly and the desire to move home so strong for him and his young desperate family that he made sure to nominate either WA side to ensure the maximum opportunity for this to happen and Geelong to be able to make the deal work.

Oh wait…


West Coast were offering picks 20 and 22 weren’t they?

If it was us instead of Geelong that had him, the media would have been smashing us for not accepting that.
I don’t really understand how that wasn’t enough to be honest. The guy may have had a good year, but he’s already 24. That’s essentially more than we paid for Devon Smith


It is a sellers market atm in the AFL, you pay what they require or you miss out. We were forced to pay extra.


Rumours are his missus had history with one of the Hill brothers and that’s why he didn’t really want to go to Freo.

But either way, I agree whole heartedly that if you are that keen to go home, you go to either club.

I agree with the nomination of 2 clubs minimum when requesting to leave.


I believe they also threw in a future 2nd rounder on top as a final offer.

Cats were insisting on 20, 22 AND a future 1st. Madness.


Once you get through your first two years, AFL players have the capacity to hire extra help and the like for their situation and clubs can provide lots of support - Will add that if your partner ( male or female ) is in a job with a GOOD wage, then you suck it up and follow them to enjoy a good lifestyle - It doesn’t help that AFL players have a preponderance to have children at a younger age then the general population which can make life trickier.


You think that just because a player makes a shiteload during a short career then they are set for life ?

Unless they have a great finance manager they waste it mostly. Some great Bombers in the recent past are on struggle street and supported by mates.

Reckon some of you are very hard on players, fark harder than me and I have form.


They should be.


GEELONG have made the brutal decision to cull star forward Dan Menzel along with Jordan Murdoch.

Menzel has overcome four knee reconstructions during his time in Geelong and played a total of 73 games, which resulted in 136 goals.

His first suffered a ruptured ACL in 2011 in the finals and spent close to four years on the sidelines before making his return in 2015.

“Dan’s perseverance and resilience to undergo four major knee operations and come back the way he has is a credit to his work ethic and mental toughness,” Geelong’s general manager of football Simon Lloyd said.

His first five seasons to 2018 produced a stunning return of 15 goals with an average of just under 14 disposals per game.

He missed a large portion of the season, but still managed to make 13 appearances with a total of 27 goals.

At only 27 years of age, Menzel still has plenty of footy ahead of him and with a stellar nouse for finding the goals he should find himself in new colours in no time.

The reaction to the Cat cull was one of utter disbelief from the football community who believe Menzel will be snapped up in no time by a rival club.

Sam Edmund :heavy_check_mark: @SammyHeraldSun

Surprised regarding Menzel. Maybe it’s just me, but I think we spend too much time focusing on what players don’t do well as opposed to what they do well.

5:04 PM - Oct 24, 2018

Ashley Browne :heavy_check_mark: @hashbrowne

Surely Dan Menzel gets picked up by someone next week.

5:06 PM - Oct 24, 2018

Xavier Ellis :heavy_check_mark: @XaviEllis18

Am I the only member of team Dan Menzel? I reckon one of the few medium forwards who make defenders ■■■■’s real twitchy. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t winning awards but surely worthy of a position on a team - ■■■■ even I lasted 11 years.

5:11 PM - Oct 24, 2018

Murdoch notched 108 games with the club after making his debut in 2012, but faced the same axing as Menzel.

“Jordan showed great commitment and dedication during his time with the club, and we thank him for his efforts over the past seven years,” Simon Lloyd said.

“Everyone at the club wishes Daniel and Jordan well in their future endeavours.”

But it was the Menzel culling that caught everyone off guard and left many questioning the decision of the club.


This importance on defensive pressure seemingly superseding goal kicking ability

He kicks goals but doesn’t tackle/chase, can get away with your big kpf’s/2nd ruck being ordinary at it but not medium fwd’s


If that’s the case, and Daniel Menzel isn’t on an AFL list after kicking 104 goals from his past 52 games, the game is ■■■■■■.


He was in good form at the start of the year. Didn’t Geelong stuff him up with the treatment to his injury? Which had him out for 8 or so weeks?


He was pretty putrid in the final against Melbourne - and at key moments too. I wonder if that contributed, along with the lack of pressure stuff.


TBH I think Geelong has made the right decision for them. Yes he kicks goals however with their forwardline being quite dysfunctional they need more from their forwards. He is never going to give what they need.

He could be good in a side that already has a decent forwardline and is just looking for the x-factor forward that will can pop up and turn games but don’t expect much more.


Stunned they couldn’t trade him somewhere. I reckon he is pretty stiff, he will get picked up as a DFA no problems.

Murdoch is a spud. His game is:
Pick up ball
Run fast
Kick a behind

Sometimes he might get tackled if he is on his non-preferred


I was a Menzel fan for a long time but think he might struggle to get picked up.
He’s a passenger when the other side has the ball and you just can’t afford that these days.
A club would need to believe they could get that out of him otherwise they’d just be wasting a lost spot on a guy that might play Kyle Cheney-esque minutes


I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s not picked up.