Season 2018 - Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Coach – Stuart Dew

2017 –
Points For – 16th
Points Against – 17th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Gary Ablett
  2. David Swallow
  3. Jack Martin
  4. Tom Lynch
  5. Aaron Hall

2017 Rising Star Noms

Ben Ainsworth (Rnd 22)

Ins – Harrison Wigg, Aaron Young, Lachie Weller, Wil Powell, Charlie Ballard, Brayden Crossley, Connor Nutting, Josh Jaska, Nick Holman, Jacob Dawson, Jacob Heron

Outs – Jarrad Grant, Mitch Hallahan, Keegan Brooksby, Ryan Davis, Cameron Loersch, Daniel Currie, Trent McKenzie, Matt Shaw, Adam Saad, Brandon Matera, Gary Ablett

My Prediction

Who knows how to read about this list. They are so consistent in their underperformance that it has been amazing. They have some talent in their list but have always relied on Ablett for too much. It will be interesting to see what Mr Dew can do with them.

The backline should improve. They will miss the run of Saad but from a KP perspective I would expect Leslie, May and Thompson to get it done. Despite losing Saad they still have run off half back with Harbrow and Hanley. Kolodjashnij is also a handy distributor so I would think the backline should improve in their performances of last year.

The midfield is a concern. They stocked it with talent at the 2016 draft and will be hoping for some of them to start to play good consistent footy from this year. I think losing Ablett wont be all bad as we will see some of the younger players have to fill that void. Swallow looked more settled last year and will welcome in Wigg and Weller this year. Lyons was a positive from the year before and they would be looked for Bowes to step up this year. It is however the midfield that looks like holding them back from serious improvement.

The forward line has some quality there. Lynch, Martin and 2 meeeeeetre Peter are a good range of talls. They need someone buzzing around their feet and Ainsworth with another year in the system could be ready to do some damage. If they can get service from their midfield then they can kick a winning score.

I think I may have mocked the picking up of Witts last year but was an inspired choice. He looked great and held his own with backup from Wright. They may lack depth but good for now.

All in all I think their list is better than a 17th placed list. I think they should improve this year. I think they are capable of 8-10 wins if things go right for them. I think they should finish in the 14-16 range.


GC lol

I think closer to 16th than 14th.
Bit of unknown due to the coaching change. I reckon Eade dragged them down a lot but a lot of their good players have now left, they’re relying on youngsters stepping up.

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Will finish higher than Fark Carlton.

If it wasn’t for norf they would be wooden spooners. 2nd last it is


Fold this ■■■■ club

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Norf atleast have some ticker and will win more than the pea hearts from Carrara

They turn players over a little too quickly, as in send them packing to the Blooos. This means the players they bring in don’t get much of a chance to settle in and gell with the rest of the team. Continuity is an issue. Still building, Dew should be a good fit for them, pun intended.

Won’t recover from playing their first nine games away from Carrara - Scott Clayton ruined the club.

I assume those 2 statement are mutually exclusive.

Anyway, it’s a bit harsh to blame Clayton for ruining the club. I reckon they were on a hiding to nothing to start with considering the history of all sporting clubs on the Gold Coast, plus the terrible location of their stadium and the terrible facilities for the players in comparison to almost every other club.
But it was also very obvious very early that Eade was a terrible choice for them. They would have been better off sticking with McKenna



Revisiting some predictions from 12 months ago:

just ■■■■■■■ fold.

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Was their list healthy?

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North, Brisbane and Gold Coast are the worst three teams in the comp.

Gold Coast have some nice pieces but they rarely get on the park often enough and when they do, they just don’t show enough.
David Swallow and Jack Martin need to begin dominating games. They’ve had five years and were ‘Rolls Royce’ prospects. But these guys just haven’t met that expectation.
Aaron Hall, Touk Miller and Jarryd Lyons are guys who have gotten their games to a good enough ‘supporting cast level’. They will be far more dangerous when the rest of the midfield get better and more consistent.
Between Steven May and Thompson they have good tall defender options.
Lynch and Wright both command attention in the forward line.
Their depth is terrible. If they are injury free, their NEAFL team should challenge GWS for premierships every year. But instead, they’ve missed the finals more often than not.

Even their drafting / trading was suspect. Will Powell was a surprise draft choice. They gave up pick 2 for Weller. I’d be shocked if Weller is better than Brayshaw, Paddy Dow, LDU or Cerra in five years time.

Until they can get their best players on the park on a more consistent basis, they’ll be a bottom four team.

Stunningly irrelevant club. Who they going to get merged with?


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They will fold. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. Put your life savings on them getting the spoon

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I agree they’ll fold, but I really don’t think they’ll get the spoon this season.
North for sure.
West Coast are a Smokey for the spoon imo because of their tendency to really bottom out in the years when they know they’re no chance

Send them to Tassie.