Season 2018 - Gold Coast


Is this taking the ■■■■ or did they actually delist him.


If Shiel had those stats for us next year he would win our BnF but a street!


Remember when no-one could understand why Tom Rockliff got cut and only had 1 or 2 contract offers?


I remember this…
CARLTON has wheeled out its blue-chip sales team, using club legends Stephen Kernahan and Chris Judd in a bid to lure Tom Rockliff.

As Barry/Dutch once said, ‘At some point, you have to question your choices.’


They haven’t actually delisted him have they? Is this a pisstake?

Edit: no it isn’t! Unbelievable


Interesting that he’s high up on the stats but didn’t rank in the top 10 of their best and fairest… he obviously not doing the team thing


I would draft him in 2 seconds, and with our first available pick, but it seems as though he’s going to Brisbane as a delisted FA, or something? Great pick up for them.




Rocky didn’t get cut did he? He was an FA.


It was a perfectly terrible comparison.


Does this mean he waited till after trade period ended to get this going? Otherwise you’d think they’d try to get something for him?

If not, they’re being extremely kind to someone they apparently don’t like much.


Long story short he basically said to gold coast I want to be delisted so I can go to brissy on a 3 year deal

They will not win a game next year.


Dew is the new Crazy Vossy I reckon. The fact that they allowed him to walk given the current state of their midfield is insane.



Why didn’t they trade him? Why is Martin so expensive?


What exactly is there to not like about those numbers


I reckon the afl will give them another 5 years. After that its fold time


As I’ve been saying for years, move them to Tassie and rename them Cold Coast. You’d only need to change one letter on the jumper! Easy peasy


I know. I reckon players who would have similar rankings in those areas for other clubs would be.

Richmond - Martin
Collingwood - DeGoey
Geelong - Dangerfield
Bulldogs - Bontempelli

GC should have traded him. He’s first round pick territory easily.


Nope. They are here for good.
The AFL will give them a compromised draft again to keep them going