Season 2018 - Gold Coast


They only (really) used pick 43 to get him.
Don’t know that he’s improved so much to get a pick 25 places earlier


He’s better than Jack Martin.


Hope they go under.
AFL that is.


It is genuinely a sad state of affairs up in GC. Realistically they are at best 3 years off even a sniff of making the 8 and probably closer to 5.

They had one crack at getting it right and have screwed it up so badly that they are barely relevant to anyone bar City Hall.

The AFL need to pump millions into getting the best people up there for the next decade to steer them onto the right course otherwise I fear their days could be numbered if they get this rebuild horribly wrong.

They need multiple priority picks, millions pumped into their footy department including retention and welfare and significant salary cap added to the tune of $2m to even survive in the short term.


Tasmania population
Now: 520k
Projected 2050: 650000

Gold Coast:
Now: 560k
Projected 2050: 1.2 million



Results don’t matter short term. It’s the long term goal that matters. Participation rates in juniors is through the roof. Will be a tough slog for another 5-10 years until all these kids start coming through their academy. I know plenty of SA people involved in the junior program that are amazed as the number and skill of kids starting to come through


How man of those 1.2 mil will want to go to the footy you reckon?


They didn’t match the only concrete offer, so it’s fair to say they didn’t want to keep him that much.

And he was (similarly to Lyons) Brisbane’s leader in most midfielder type stats you could poke a stick at.


It’s not just about stats though. He’s a good player. In fact, as of right now (not on ‘potential’) there’s a very good argument to say he’s the best player on their list (or was, until today)


I reckon he’s more OK than good.
GC clearly don’t even reckon he’s as good as that.


You might be right on him being more OK than good, but the rest of Gold Coasts list is average to farking poor


Gold Coast has moved on 16 blokes this offseason that’s one big cut. Must be a record.


Yes it is.
It’s also as directionless as I’ve seen a list (bar C*nton) for maybe 10 years
Maybe Lyons was hindering, not helping that?
I don’t know that, but it was certainly why the Crows cut himX


Crows didn’t cut him. They offered him a new multi year deal in fact but they lowballed him on the money, and as such he requested a trade to GC who offered him a larger contract.


It’s funny isn’t it. They cut 16 guys, how many you reckon you could name? It’s been a turd laden list for a long long time hasn’t it. Those poor kids who get drafted up there this year (at least they’ll get to come home in 2021)


Junior participation is the goal at the Gold Coast and in Sydney. Get the kids (boys & girls) playing as kids and the ones that don’t rise through as senior players will watch live or on tv.

something something the children are our future… teach them well then let them something something…


I can name Hally. And Maysy. And Lyonsy. And Kjologisnoidy…


I like the ‘get the kids playing and interested’ model, but they’re not exactly going to be inspired by watching Gold Coast are they? That whole model relies on a successful team to begin with in order to work.

It might work with GWS possibly, but then again, Swans have been successful for decades, and is AFL exploding in Sydney really?


It’s not only participation, there is also the problem of infrastructure to overcome, especially in Sydney. Councils don’t like coughing up space for AFL grounds and schools require a lot of convincing to allow space for AFL.

They will get there eventually no doubt about it.


I loved playing footy (remember when we called it footy?) and my local side (West Perth clap clap clap) was terrible. What I loved was playing it. Having a successful local side helps but I didn’t give a sh*t if West Perth (clap clap clap) got torched on a Saturday afternoon if I blitzed on Sunday morning.