Season 2018 - Gold Coast


Or he goes into the draft


Lynch is an absolute gun…for about a quarter of the season each year before he goes down with a long term injury.

Let the Pies, Hawks or Richmond have a bidding war for his services and let the winner pay through the nose for him as I reckon he won’t become the big fish that will snare them a flag.

I just cannot recall him completing a season at all for the past 3 or 4.seasons.

Essendon and Collingwood used to have a problem winning games in June and July for a number of years, this guy struggles to play in May, June, July and August let alone September every year.

The Suns, if they’re smart about it, will really cash in on his departure and not end up losing from the deal.

I would be surprised if he didn’t become anything but an expensive, injury riddled liability for his new club and put enormous salary cap pressure for a number of years on said club.

Of course if he came to Essendon he’d be a champion and form the greatest forward combo with JoeyD that the game has ever seen, once they both recover from their current injury woes.


What would be funny is if he chooses Carlton then that nutcase Cochran decides they should match the bid. His recruiters would be telling him to shut up


Surley you would rather play on the Coast than for that rabble…


Missed half of 2013, and a couple of times has missed 2 or 3. That’s about it.


Yeah, just checked his stats and you’re correct. Thanks for that.

Don’t why but it always felt like he’d start a season on absolute fire and then sort of go missing.

I assumed it was due to injury but must have something to do with him playing for the Suns that makes me forget that they play in the competition after about the first month of each season.


No longer captain, can’t be involved in footy Dept stuff. Rehab will continue to be supported.


You last a month?


For me Lynch is a 750 to 800K per season player - He’s over-rated.


Clubs are not going to shell out $1.5mil/yr for an undeserving player

He almost won the coleman at GC of all places

If he is on the end of the of Tigers or Pies midfield will dominate.

It’s Hooker like impact fwd marking wise except he kicks straight


I would love Tony Cochrane to go all Tony Cochrane on this situation.

No RESTRICTED Free Agent should be making declarations about where they are going to end up, until AFTER the deal is actually done.

Call his bluff Tony. It helped you get a decent deal for Jaeger and you need to do it again. The survival of your club depends on winning battles like this.


Lost respect for Lynch and the way he’s handled it. Hoping Gold Coast holds strong and gets something decent out of it.

Funny that they keep speaking to Rance on the footy show about it. He doesn’t want Lynch at the club and it’s blatantly obvious.


Oh, fark GC and fark Richmond and in particular fark Rance.

I wish he Would go to Richmond, he’d do less damage.
He’s an important part of the puzzle for Collingwood.


Who are either club going to give up for him.

Both are currently top 4, so their dodgy late round one picks are not going to do it.

GC have draft picks to burn this draft, and are going to want a couple of high picks, or a high pick and a quality player for him. AFL will want to see them get a good result here too.

GC have the cap space to match any offer and will. They have a number of free agents coming up so need to set a precident. If it all goes wrong and Lynch goes to Carlton in the draft, then they can apply to the AFL next year for a pick anyway (infact this might be the AFL’s prefered option strengthen another club in crisis, give GC a couple of priority picks next year).


I don’t think GC need picks. They need the best of Richmond’s second tier. Three or four players who can’t get a consistent game. Your Miles types.


Miles has been passed at Richmond, was on a one year contract. Wouldn’t be worth much. GC could get him if he wanted to leave without involving him in any Lynch deal. They need some quality from this deal, not fringe players covered with premiership gloss. They have lower picks they can handover for this kind of deal.


They are nuts if they get offered pick 3 compo and pass it up.
The reason why Dangerfield went to a trade was because the compo pick was terrible and they could actually get a better trade offer.

No way GC pass up on pick 3 for pick 18 or 19 + Miles and other players.
They should be looking to free agency to get their veterans onto the list and potentially trade their round 4 and 5 picks for players like Miles.


Adelaide are really keen to get one of those top picks so I guess if they took the compo but had lined up a trade for Crows high first rounder still and a player or2 perhaps could look at that

Blues expected to pick Sam Walsh at pick1 so Crows will be desperate for pick 2 for Lukosius


Could they not trade their current picks 7 and 13 for 2? Or one of them and a decent player.

GC have 5 picks in the top 40. They can make a statement here and still take 5 quality players in the draft. They also have the AFL insurance of a ‘priority pick’ next year if he ends up in the draft and goes to Farkcarlton. Given they have 5 picks this year, they can afford to wait for a first rounder next year.


I’d rather they took the stand as you say and matched and cleaned out whatever the club who wants him has got or better still ends up having to go to his non preferred choice.

Next two first rounders, some quality depth players etc.

If Tigers or Pie get him for nothing and just get stronger themselves not ideal.