Season 2018 - Gold Coast







Hot ones!!


Put him in Richmond’s side and I can see a bit of a dynasty on the horizon


I’m Brad Green levels of serious about going after him.


Does he fit their gameplan?

Him going to Collingwood worries me.


Apparently he and his family been Pies supporters for life and his manager works at the Pies now.

Surely a done deal and just playing the other clubs (Hawks and Tigers) into it for $$$

GC will match and hopefully Pies have to hand over plenty to get him, and lose other players to free up cash they probably should keep like Moore.

Edit— Ned Guy works at Pies. Sloanes not Lynch’s manager.


Saints or Melbourne could use him.

One of the big clubs will get him …



Sure as Shitt, it’s done already.




Why would they match? Theyve already punted him out of the captaincy and get pick 3 from free agency rules.

Doubt Pies or others could provide anything better.


My mistake there. It was Sloane’s not Lynch’s

Lynch managed by Connors

Sloane by Ned Guy who is Pies list manager now


Cos they may well be of the opinion that he’s worth more than Pick 3 which would be hard to argue with. Of course how much better Collingwood could offer than Pick 3 is debatable… any player in a trade has to agree to it.


Chris Mayne come on down lol


It’s the AFL. They could award an end of 1st round pick to them.

Match it and tell em to pony up a trade.


Because what they get via trade will be far more than a compo pick.

And if Pies can’t come to party he stays, or other clubs who keen and can get trade done come into it

Crows matched Danger


Allegedly his choice is Tigers if possible.


“Pick after first round pick” for Adelaide back then is a fair bit different to “pick after first round pick” for GC in this, or any, year


This is true.

Will come down to what could be achieved no doubt. If it meant 2 late first rounders & a few mature players were sent up there it’s a bit different to 1 kid in draft.

Obviously these things would/should be worked out pre-matching etc


I’d be surprised if it’s worked out pre-matching. The buying club has to pay a lot more if it’s matched then if it’s not (ie something versus nothing). Why would they give away what they’d be prepared to trade rather than just holding firm and hoping GC don’t match?