Season 2018 - Greater Western Sydney


Although he was in their academy. Not sure that changes much, but he would’ve at least those guys.

Timing of the release stinks. Someone’s trying to stuff GWS up.


Or is it a GWS ploy trying to deter other clubs?

Saints traded off Hickey and would have been def circling. They would be avoiding him completely now you’d expect.


I’m going to say it; what a legend.
He also has the two best nicknames now in “Sausage” and “Bumpford” :joy:


He should stand for office. I’d vote for him.


End of season trip to Vegas with Carlisle would be better than the West Coast trip 12 years ago…





GWS CEO has a go at the afl re: cola.

3 year old dodgy footage of a giants player emerges from nowhere.

what an amazing coincidence. hi liz hi.


I’m going to say it.
He’s not.


You consider someone a legend because they do cocaine and once ate a lot of sausages?


Do you not?


I don’t consider someone a legend because they had three wine coolers and ate a few vegan sausages.

Actually, rethinking that…
If someone ate, like, ten vegan sausages for a bet…


Is cocaine 9.8% more expensive in Sydney?

If so then that’s as good a case as any to bring COLA back given how much of most footy players’ income goes towards buying hard drugs.


As a supporter
If he can play do you care if he does a few lines in the off season?

Unsure why Afl would want to bring drugs into the spotlight to annoy their club?

Maybe he was heading to the dons to replace Leuy😂

Tin foil hat would believe Afl releasing stuff in those circumstances.


It’s the doing a full training session after the 14 snags that make it legendary.


So you reckon they deserve a Coca COLA?


This could possibly be the worst post in the history of blitz


a few weeks ago i would of been “that sucks for GWS”. But after trade week…screw them.


Blame Guzzle G, … he lined it up, …


user name fits too…