Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Either I’m retarded or this thread has become a mindfuck.


Not true, I posted this much earlier in thread

As per their recruiting manager post draft

They wanted other players at 52 & didn’t want to cough up that & other picks (including 2019 points & thus be in deficit) to get Moz as they couldn’t have then addressed the more pressing list needs they had

You keep saying they just didn’t rate him that high but it’s more complex than that.


the latter

seriously - given this thread all clubs and supporters should be pondering why any player has been overlooked by all the other clubs when they get to them.

The fact Irving was a Hawthorn academy kid has just added a complication. But he was in the draft and anyone could have picked him before or after us.

If Essendon didn’t call out his name at 38 would Hawthorn have picked him at 52? When we still had pick 60 before their pick 63


I miss Vinny.


You’re not retarded. Well, you don’t give that impression at least.


But it wasn’t fact until Diggers heard it for himself. It’s a lot like his claim all white bread is stale. There is no sound justification for his opinion.


Not all white bread, just the stale white bread preferred by onion spillers.


What the fark has gotten into you lately Digs?

I mean you always exhibited troll characteristics, but since the season ended you’ve become some sort of cartoon-villain super troll. What gives?


You’re all weird.
Diggers has been lovely since he came up with the DJ thread.


40 new posts… wondered how braindead diggers was.

wasn’t disappointed.


Don’t we already have a thread that deals with this?


coming into a thread knowing Blitz and Diggers have been fighting…


Look, I take some blame for this. For you see I’m the gatekeeper of dear old Digglet with keeping his rambling ways directed at myself for the greater good of Blitz. I took a few weeks off, and in my absence he’s seemingly lost the plot more than usual.


when it used to be contained to the tennis thread.


Ever since Spacey publicly snubbed him, he’s never quite been the same.


Never truer words spoken, Gaybe. Digglet being rejected for me hit the poor man hard. I heard he even turned to back-alley shenanigans with elderly gentlemen afterwards.


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He’s literally created his own conspiracy theory, got zero traction, and then shot it down.

Perth must be really boring.


It’s off-season.
And as I gif’d early on, probably bait, but you all had to wade in and blame him because you got upset.
Here’s an idea. Maybe, don’t?


Has this thread converted to tag teams now?