Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Happened to the wrong Mitchell. Should have been the moronic Sam Mitchell.


Did they keep next years first round pick? It just became a lot more valuable. I think it’s the first one they’ve held on to for a while.


Nice to hear all the very “decent chappie” sympathy for Mitchell.
We lost Marty and Begley for the season last year. and lost Joe ( effectively) for the season.
I don’t recall Hawthorn fans sympathising with our misfortune. They gladly beat us twice.


Very easy to feel bad for Mitchell, season ending injury is harsh for any player.

Also very easy to feel Hawthorn can suck it at the same time.

The two are not incompatible.


Hawk supporters apparently bemoaning the fact that Shiel picked us. With Mitchell going down, They believe Shiel would have been the best available mid to slot in place of him. Even if Scully gets up and running, he is an outside player. Too bad about that.


■■■■ Hawthorn


Never wish an injury like that on any player. Awful stuff and in preseason is really unfair.


Fark Hawthorn


Eat a bag hawthorn


Disappointing it didn’t happen to Sam Mitchell


I think we should start a Tom Mitchell condolence thread and stay on message in here.

Fark Hawthorn


When was this thread ever not on message?


Should put further pressure on JOM’s shoulders to perform.





If we can’t finish above them this year there is something seriously wrong.


I must admit I got excited when I heard Mitchell had his leg broken, then I learnt it wasn’t Sam and now I am drinking away my disappointment


The Hawks board on BF is in despair at the moment.

EAD you carnts


2 year injury. You don’t come back easy


I reckon if they finish anywhere near the top 10 now, then clarkson is the greatest coach of all time


I have them finishing 12th


Before or after the Mitchell injury?
I had then outside the 8 before today. They will be impacted a lot by his absence