Season 2018 - Hawthorn


I did the ladder predictor after the Mitchell injury but it made little impact on my decision.

They should be admired for how they performed last year but the end can come fast and I think it will.


Looking at their list, if Clarkson wasn’t coach, i’d be tipping then for bottom 4


Clarkson is a genius, no doubting that.

But they are finished and won’t be back for a few years yet.

Will still complete the rebuild before Fark Carlton though.


Running out of likes in this thread.

The distaste for Hawthorn is palpable.

■■■■ Hawthorn.


There’s gonna be a lot of pressure heaped onto Jaeger “chose poorly” O’meara, not to mention Chad Wingard to suddenly become the midfielder he seems to think he is.

Fortunately for Tom, he doesn’t have much mobility to lose.

Side note, this is the strangest leg break I’ve heard of, it sounds like he did it changing direction? Maybe he collected his own leg with his other one, which is similar to how Fletcher did his.


I thought they mentioned it was in a tackle?



Peg leg o, maera and one foot scully will carry the load.

Honourable 15th on the cards


I dunno, maybe clarko got angry and snapped it himself?


I actually don’t like this, because now when they do badly the Hawks supporters will still say Clarko is a genius and they might have done well if not for Mitchell’s injury. Whereas we all know they would have stunk regardless.

Fark Hawthorn


Will be interesting to see if hawks use the new rule and bring in a State league player.

Can’t recall but did Grigg get picked up?


Tragic accident. Happened when Sam Mitchell was teaching then the finer points of knee-dropping.






Someone mentioned that Hawthorn might think about bringing Sam Mitchell back the way we did with Zac Clarke.


I read that too.

Surely he hasn’t kept up the desired training requirements?

It would be a big risk but I guess in this situation worth the risk.


Oh please please please let this be true

The more they mortgage their future the happier I’ll be


One more chance to hip and shoulder him into retirement.
I’m very, very, very much in favour of this.


Stringer did it too. And i think he broke both legs.


Zeibull broke both legs.


The AFL website now have the Hawthorn midfield ranked 15th in the league, only ahead of St Kilda, Carlton and Gold Coast. Bad year ahead for them.