Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Collingwood certainly have a great midfield but they are old and they are not getting any younger.

For them to have any sort of longevity the development of Stephenson and De Goey is critical.

Edit: Seems strange that they don’t have Langford as mid for our side.


They don’t count Smith as a midfielder either.
Great work by him to win the B&F off the half forward flank.
■■■■■■■ click bait sucked me in.


Where do the AFL find these writers


Wtf does the asterix against Begley mean?


It’s showing that he’s injured (or coming off a long term injury) I think


Injured, I assume, seeing Redman asterisked too.


The algorithm appears to be working.


Gunston talking up Hawthorn prospects for this year. Apparently they have the depth to cover a 2 time BNF winner, AA, reigning Brownlow Medallist with either a 19 year old Pick 45 draftee or 20 year old Pick 46 rookie.

Gunston has clearly graduated from the Trump school of fake news.


I hope Ambrose dumps him into the turf multiple times when we play them.


Yep, talk on BF that Wingard is good for a Brownlow this year… I don’t even think Blitzers are that delusional, and we are definitely a cooked bunch.


Not sure how Wingard will win the brownlow when Langford is going to


They were saying that O’Meara has a chance of a brownlow now.


Shiel will possibly get lots of votes for us this year.
or Merrett if he goes back to getting 30+ possessions every game

If O’Meara can play well he will get votes.
Scully could be their best midfielder.
I see wingard still as a forward who will rotate as a mid and wont get huge disposal numbers, but might still snag some goals.


Is Scully even going to get up? I heard mid season maybe. Has he made some progress?


In the Gunston article he said Scully should be into full training by February along with Birchall.


Be good to see Scully back out there. I hate those sorts of injuries.


He also was talking up their chances.


So he’s basically dreaming?


Hawthorn need lots of money, like as low as $30M just for basics and as high as $100M to build Dingley.

Like all teams membership increase is plotted week by week. No doubt a drop off after the Mitchell injury. So now, expect a stream of good ( dare I say even fake) news from the Hawks.

Its already started. Gunston, now Scully saying he is “running” but still no indication when he will be playing. We will hear how OMeara is training the house down, Burgoyne is having the best preseason ever, Smith is burning up the track, carefully timed release of the new captain etc .


We need to smack them into oblivion this season.
I want their farktard supporters filing out of the ground 5 mins into the 4th, before desperately pulling out the 3-peat DVD’s as a form of therapy.