Season 2018 - Melbourne


Coach – Simon Goodwin

Points For – 7th
Points Against – 9th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Clayton Oliver
  2. Jack Viney
  3. Nathan Jones
  4. Jordan Lewis
  5. Neville Jetta

2017 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Jake Lever, Harley Balic, Charlie Spargo, Bayley Fritsch, Harrison Petty, Oskar Baker

Outs – Hertier Lumumba, Colin Garland, Jack Trengove, Jake Spencer, Mitch White, Liam Hulett, Ben Kennedy, Jack Watts

My Prediction

The Demons will be seriously disappointed with the way their season finished off last year. They should have made the finals but missed in a way only Melbourne could. If they miss again this year, the pressure on Goodwin will be massive.

The backline was ok last year. They have good depth with both McDonald boys able to hold down a KP. Lever comes in and will boost them with his intercept marking, an area they haven’t been strong in. From a small perspective they have a good running brigade. Hibberd was outstanding last year and Jetta had th best year of his career. They have Hunt who gives them run but his disposal is hit and miss. The addition of Lever definately strengthens their backline.

The midfield has plenty of grunt. Viney, Jones, Brayshaw and Oliver is a very useful engine room. You could make a definately argument that they lack outside run but I am not sure they got found out too often in this area last year. Will be interesting to see if they use Hunt or Petracca a little more this year through the middle to give them more run.

The forward line is a work in progress but they have the players to form a useful unit. They will be looking for Weideman to step up this year and Hogan is just about ready to explode if he can get some luck off the field. Weideman stepping up will let them send Tom McDonald back. From a small forward perspective they have Garlett and last year I thought Melksham was ok for the most part. Petracca is a beast and while I think he will see some midfield time, he is more important up forward. I think they will miss Watts but natural development should cover him.

The rucks are reliant on Gawn. Pederson stepped up last year for a couple of games but a serious injury to Gawn and you can write off any finals chances.

This season it is vital for all involved at Melbourne that they make the finals. They have been improving each year and faltered last year. They have the talent to make the top 8. The only thing that will stop them is an injury to Gawn or what is happening between their ears. I think this year they probably make it. Somewhere from 7-9

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Lumumba was on their list last year?

I think he retired preseason last year?

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Best 22

B: Jetta McDonald Lever
HB: Hunt Frost Hibberd
C: Tyson Jones Salem
HF: Kennedy-Harris McDonald Petracca
F: Garlett, Hogan Hannan
R: Gawn Oliver Viney©
INT: Vince, Lewis , Melksham Brayshaw
Emg: Harmes, Neal-Bullen, Pedersen,

  • Weideman - third year, he should be ready to make a best 22 play - Similar to Francis i guess, its time to pay back the scout and have some good performances.
  • Have selected Kennedy-Harris to add speed to lineup, and also started Salem on the wing which may help with their pace.
    *Brayshaw barely played last year, you would hope he is over his head knocks, he could add another string to their midfield strength.
  • Lever will be a good addition, and will help release hunt from defence with more intercepts in defence.
  • Hogan is almost like a new recruit this year.
    Ruck line looks good - Gawn, oliver, Viney
    Interesting to see if Lewis and Vince slow down this year.Melksham would be 18-24 range in spots imo.
    Depth is ok, and shouldnt lose Gawn for an extended time again.

Prediction: They look good, shouldn’t miss finals this year. 5th -8th.


I think they’ll push for top 4. They bat pretty deep in the midfield, their defence has the right balance of rebound with Hibberd and Hunt, Lever adds to their intercept marking. They have one of the best ruckmen in the comp in Gawn whilst they have enough talent through their forward line. They play a pretty attractive style. If they miss the 8 again that will be a massive underachievement for the talent they have on their list. We’ve sen the Dogs and Tigers pop up and win premiership against popular opinion in the past 2 seasons. They are in a group of clubs (us included) who would think “What not us?” Top six for me.


I think they will definitely make the 8. Good list. Lever is a huge get and helps massively

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On paper they should be around the 4-8 mark.

12 years since they played finals though so I don’t think its a given.

Even Carlton have managed to play finals in that time.

They have Jones, Lewis and Vince as part of their midfield. They’re all pretty old and could drop off a cliff any day.
Do they still bat deep if 1 or 2 of them stop contributing? This is a genuine question because I don’t watch them closely.

Or if all 3 are playing at a reasonable standard, do they contribute to them just being too slow overall?
In some respects their midfield seems a bit like ours from about 2013.

Lewis was in pretty good form towards the end of last year. Jones is still a gun. Vince is about cooked

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Dees fans I know we very very worried about Viney’s foot. Also seem pretty sure Tom McDonald will stay forward

If they can sort out their forwards, they’ll end up around 5th, I reckon.

The only thing I disagree with is jkh over anb who war One of the best fwd pressure players in the comp last year iirc

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Neal-Bullen is underrated.

I like harmes


That 22, those ins and those outs all look good which annoys me.

Should make the 8 pretty comfortably

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yes and then tried to sue them

Under achieved last season and they know it. Look more settled this season and should slot into the top 6. A very even spread of decent talent all over the field.

Not mentally tough, will finish 6-9.

That commando bootcamp would have helped build that. If Hawks happily did Kakoda numerous times in their premiership period, Melbourne dont have the mentality to get near tyat success.

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