Season 2018 - Melbourne

I got the feeling Neal-Bullen was treated a little harshly by coaches and made to earn his spot, he was in my dream team and playing really well then dropped for no reason.

Added Kennedy-Harris for speed.

You could argue ANB and Harmes should be in the team and a few others out.

But at least they have some depth and good players will miss out like our side.

paging @Mero


I like it. Not a fan of white jumpers when they’re not necessary.

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They should never have changed from it.

I think, like our grey, their fans hated it.

Why would they hate the jumper Robbie Flower wore for most of his career?


Same reason as to why they bring cheese platters to the footy?

God knows.

We should request they wear it when they play us even if it’s their home game.

Wait why is it just an away jumper? It’s barely that much different from the other. Argghhhh why can’t there be RULES?!


It’s just a Clash jumper.
They’ll only wear it a couple of times.

I see one of the Demons got concussed at their training camp at Maroochydore. I guess they won’t be going there again next year.

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Playing Footscray at Etihad this weekend on a shortish break from Alice Springs. It’s such a Melbourne recipe for failure after getting pumped up.


Listening to their pumped fans this week on SEN. They are in for more so much heartbreak when the inevitable happens.

Teams don’t just win flags after not tasting finals pressure for 12 years.

They will disappoint, again but they are heading in the right direction.

They will have success before us. Will win a flag soon I reckon. Seriously good list

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It feels like its going to be the Dees year, just like it flet like it was the tigers last year, and the dogs the previous year…

Maybe this 2016-2018 period will be about the AFL realising fariytales for clubs that have spent a long time in the wilderness.

Not sure how they will get Saints there flag though they had their crack 2009-2011.

Yeh i was half tempted to tip the Dogs.

I’m not buying this Melbourne has arrived as a premiership contender hype.

So they’ve flogged an undermanned Adelaide here in Melbourne, after Carlton and the Suns. The two games before that? A horribly out of form Essendon and the Saints.

Big deal. Based on this, they have been tested for a princely sum of 30 minutes over the last 5 games. These sides all folded so the blowouts, although nice, don’t add anything to their credentials. But it will give them confidence.

Having said this there draw is from here:

Port in Adelaide
St Kilda
Fremantle here

Geelong in Geelong
Adelaide in Adelaide
Gold Coast here
Sydney here
West Coast there
GWS here

To me there draw is nice and could see them rise up the ladder and continue to look a threat until the run of 6 games to the end of the season when they will play some of the real contenders. Jury is still out for mine.

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Apparently number 1 contested ball side in comp.

That inside mid division with Gawn feeding them will always keep them in games.

Viney coming back and Brayshaw breaking out now has them firing on all cylinders there with Jones and Oliver already in form.

They might actually be able to reuse this promo image from last year now. Save some marketing $$$$


Their wins have come against Saints, Lions, GC, Ess, Carlton, NM & a severely undermanned Crows. They failed badly under the heat Hawthorn and Richmond applies losing by a combined 110 odd points. They’ve improved no doubt but I’d wait until they beat something with a bit more quality before buying into them being top 4 or premiership material. Ditto Collingwood.