Season 2018 - Melbourne

Ditto Richmond, zero wins against 2018 finalists.

Admittedly, they have a better record than us against 2017 non-finalists.

Will win the flag, either them or Richmond

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Think I would rather see Richmond go back to back then see this mob win a flag

I hope it’s neither.


How have the AFL helped any of those 3 teams? They just drafted, traded and developed well. We didn’t. No need for Sour grapes.

Richmond will run out of steam.

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These guys helped the doggies.
i didnt really watch the tigers much last year so cant comment for them.


Rubbish. You are seriously bitter.

Umpires massively helped the dogs.


Posted the below in the Crameri thread in response to a post from Reboot regarding Danny Corcoran defecting to Melbourne all those years ago. I’ve had a beef with the way Goodwin has handled things since going to Melbourne. Had said most of this before but pisssed me off again when I started writing it out again.

Think our modern day version is Goodwin. Basically Teflon coated with all the saga stuff. Nothing stuck to him despite his role/participation in things. Then when he goes to Melbourne, he recruits Craig Jennings and Matthew Egan, both of which the club highly valued. Add to that the recruitment of Melksham and Hibberd in rather opportunistic fashion. He brought nothing from the crows to us but took a lot with him to Melbourne from Essendon. Fk him and the horse he rode in on.


Yes, he took the good stuff to Melbourne.

What’s wrong with Goodwin going after people he worked with and rated? What about us with Bomber and McCartney? Is he supposed to go with subpar personnel to do us a favour? Or should we keep our employees well paid, satisfied and unified?

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Melksham has been reinvented, he is in career best form right now. His disposal by foot is breath taking. The InHibberder has continued his good form.

The Dees winning is not about who they have or have not beaten, rather it is more about how they are playing. Right now they are in sensational form.

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It is like the football world forgot Hibberd only had one side the minute he left us. Last year with us he was being exploited every week


Am convinced these guys are the real deal. Beatable. But a good, tough team.

Depends how you wanna look at it I suppose. He was our senior assistant coach and was released from his contract to seek the same position (albeit with a big carrot at the end of it, but who’s to say he wouldn’t have replaced Hird?). He was at the least opportunistic in who he reruited, he knew the players who held some resentment (can’t blame the players BTW) through his relationships established at EFC. The Jennings & Egan recruitments were more to do with the stability at the club at that time but again, he knew where the sweet spots were and took advantage of it with some nice fat cheques. He basically ensured we hit ground zero in the coaching ranks when he walked out the door by way of the personnel & IP he took with him. You might say there’s nothing wrong with that but IMO only, he gouged us after we gave him his shot.

IRT Bomber & McCartney, what a masterstroke that was! Bomber was burnt out and leaving anyway. If it was Choco Williams who got the job, Bomber & McCartney aren’t at EFC. McCartney felt he’d run his race at Geelong, was OOC and needed experience elsewhere to get a senior job. That worked for him. I maintain to this day that hiring Bomber was a mistake given his mental state of mind and if not for the fact his mate Hird got the main job & the money we threw at him he wouldn’t have come. BTW, I don’t think he was first choice to be the experienced hand in the box for Hird.

Reckon some Adelaode supporters got their wish

Cry me a river. Biggest bunch of sooks in here. He’s doing what he’s paid to do. Nice guys finish last. Ask anyone at Essendon.

Fair enough.

None of us would complain if Caracalla came from Richmond and brought Rioli and Prestia with him. I don’t see how him recruiting our staff or players is a indictment on him, I’m in the “it’s what a good coach should do” camp. I do think he’s certainly escaped criticism of the saga though. I reckon if you were to ask the average footy fan, most probably would have forgotten/didn’t know he was at the club during that time