Season 2018 - North Melbourne

North Melbourne

Coach – Brad Scott

2017 –
Points For – 9th
Points Against – 16th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Shaun Higgins
  2. Ben Cunnington
  3. Ben Brown
  4. Robbie Tarrant
  5. Luke McDonald

2017 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Alex Morgan, Tom Jeffries, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Will Walker, Kyron Hayden, Tristan Xerri, Billy Hartung, Tom Murphy, Gordon Narrier

Outs – Andrew Swallow, Lindsay Thomas, Lachie Hansen, Will Fordham, Matt Taylor, Sam Gibson, Aaron Mullett, Corey Wagner

My Prediction

North Melbourne look like becoming a cautionary tale as to what happens when you through everything at a premiership tilt without enough planning for the future. They have a bunch of middle of the road players, one or two really good players and a lot of plodders. The rebuild here is going to take a while.

The backline if probably the heart of their problems. They can talk about Tarrant but realistically he has had one really good season and you wouldnt build a backline around him. It says a lot about the Roos that Scott Thompson has been retained. In an age where a lot of attack is set up from the half back, you would want to have a lot better players than Marley Williams and Atley setting up that attack.

The midfield is thin now as well. Cunnington and Ziebell make a handy one two, after that it gets bad. You can see why they threw so much money at Kelly and Dusty. You can also see why they said no. Davies-Uniacke should get plenty of minutes this year and is a good young player. Higgins gives them polish but will e nudging 30 when the season kicks off and isnt known for his durability

The forward line is the shining light, Ben Brown is a star and getting better. Mason Wood is a very good player and they need him to stay on the park. Jy Simkin is a very good small forward but very young and raw. Waite will play 8-10 very good games for them next year.

The rucks looked like they were set before Goldstein fell off the cliff. Preuss is raw but is a huge kid and I would be playing him before I played the Todd. Daw is worth a highlight every now and then but realistically probably has no right being on an AFL list.

For mine, this is the worst list in the AFL and not by a small margin. Unless their cheque book can snag some significant talent over the next year or two, the rebuild is going to take a very long time. I can’t see them avoiding the Wooden Spoon this year (I have been wrong many times before).


Why would you bring in Alex Morgan and Billy Hartung???

Because those rejects are still better prospects than the bottom two or three on their current list and are also better than anyone else available at a pick above the 60s.

They should get decent value out of Hartung.
Morgan will most likely be delisted in a few years.


I know it seems like I wanna marry Hartung, but ffs…400 possessions last year. 23 years old.
And people ask why he’s on a list.
He’ll be top ten in their b&f and there’s no reason why he should slide.


I don’t know much (or care to learn more) about Norf.

I can tell you that Ben Cunnington grew up on or around a dairy farm.

This analysis was brought to you by Woolworths.


Definitely bottom 4 material. Here’s hoping.

Who ■■■■■■■ cares about this mob?


Just give them the spoon now. They are garbage

Worst list in the the comp is on the money.
How they were able to beat Adelaide last year is beyond comprehension. And how they stayed in the game against us so long is again baffling.

If we don’t smash these kents by at least 60 points, then we’re not fair dinkum.

Oh yeah…
They’ll be bottom four for a few years yet.

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Adelaide didn’t cope with the ground.
Would have smashed them at any other venue.

Last for sure

fighting it out with the Suns for 18th.


Planning for the future, pffft!

What do you called Martin and Kelly? Chopped liver?

May as well have gone for Dean Martin and Gene Kelly.


This made me chuckle a few days ago, seems relevant


Won’t finish last. As bad as Norf are they atleast show some heart and very rarely get blown away. Can see them finishing above Fark Carlton and the Suns atleast

I think Ace might be right, but it’s bottom 4 for years for this mob

I respectfully disagree

Carlton are miles ahead of North now.

The suns have a lot more talent than North and I’m expecting them to have a bit of a new coach bounce to avoid the spoon.

Out of Hartung’s 400 odd possessions last season, reckon 10% ended up at the intended location.

There are a handful of sides I detest watching. North tops that list.