Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Lindsay Thomas announced his retirement. Even he doesn’t want to hang around Port next year.




l don’t know how they managed to start as faves with the bookies, Their last 2 months have been woeful.


Good riddance you fkg flog Thomas. The game is better for you leaving it.


Retired after the game so he could duck the interviews.






Even with their run home they weren’t even good enough to make up the numbers.




That Ducker Farker.


Brought up by a Port fan on Bigfooty…hehehe

Last 3 matches between Ess and Port, the 1st qtr discrepancy is 18 goals to 4 !





At the end of last years trade period, almost all media types had Port the biggest winner, ahead of Essendon for the their 3 FA pickups.

At the start of the season the media went rather hard after our 3 saying it was a bust,

Now we end the season the same media types are praising our 3 and saying Port’s were a bust.

Lesson: do not listen to what the media experts say, they are wrong far more often than right.


And they traded out Lobbe to free up salary cap and had fark all there to cover Ryder who was injured a lot this year.

Not that Lobbe is a star but far better than their part timers.


That’s where they farked up. The other trades and signings were fine, but not having a backup ruck screwed them for whenever Paddy Ryder wasn’t available to play.

Even later in the season when he was rushed back, the team wasn’t as effective as earlier in the season.

As far as comparing their trade period to ours…
They both came out with the same result. Played well enough to be a finalist through most of the season, but a terrible 8 week stretch during the season undid all the good work.


My memory can be a bit hazy at times but that’s not how I remember it. The media I was reading had us as the trade period winners or at least on par with Port.


Hinkley: Master of contract negotiation. Not of coaching.

Played Port on a break with all that Gold Coast coaching talk and forced a long extension out them which he absolutely didn’t deserve. Should be on the block but for the 3 year payout it would cost Port.


If Port supporters had their way, he’d be out the door before even being able to place his cactus in a document box.

They are brutal on him on Bigfooty.


Cause he’s as over rated a coach as there is going around*

But so is their playing list and list manager. on a scale of 1-10 over rating their list, they’ve gone full Spinal Tap and turned it up to 11 thinking they were a genuine premiership contender.



Never gets old :rofl: