Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


There is no way this could possibly be true, that is beyond bad


Neat juxtaposition, putting the answer in your question.


I actually think he’s regressed.
Not sure what the numbers say.

Where is this rumour from ?
Can’t be right, can it ?


I’ve seen, I think, about 4 Port game s this year and he’s been good for about 1.5 of them. There was a Friday night game where everything he did in the first half was a disaster and them in the second half he was absolutely outstandig - he went a long way towards helping Port getting the chocolates, think it may have been against Richmond? He can play, but doesn’t string it together nearly enough to warrant that type of money.


I don’t mind Polec. But he’s not worth 700k Zimbabwe dollars.


If you were Polec you’d be thinking hell yeah though. Prob $200k/yr more and a longer contract.

Realistically this is probably the tier of players North should be trying to pay overs to.

The absolute guns don’t want to go there so get the level below.


Polec is the exact sort of player that North need. They have hard inside players but need polish. Polec is a good user that gives outside run.


I heard Polec and Judas’ missus are good friends, very good friends



They’re the worst stagers in the league led by Robbie Gray.

Noticed Wingard hurl gimself backwards yesterday and the umpire just ignored him…thankfully.


They are struggling mightily without Ryder. Having the Hoff and Dixon trying to ruck isn’t working. They look like they are in free fall right now.


Yeah, noticed that too. May have got the free kick if he didn’t do that. It was so damn obvious what he was doing that the umpire couldn’t possibly pay it.


Got the dogs in ballarat this week I think, not a certainty that’s for sure


I’d say that too, if I were a Sydney man.
Top 4 how many of the past 5 years? For 2 losing GFs.


Has big man Koch had his usual snipe about any criticism that comes the club’s way?


Still in Thailand trying to jump in the ambulance as the soccer team kids come out of the cave.


Port's off-season recruitment drive has been a failure. Watts (worst season since 2010) and Rockliff (worst since 2009) based on ranking points. Motlop just so, so. #AFLPiesPower

— Fantasy Freako (@FantasyFreako) August 18, 2018


Won the draft


Haha EAD kochy!


Check out this fool from January!
Makes David King look like a member of Mensa.