Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Nah they said Port did well because they didn’t have to pay too much and these three would add the extra they were lacking. For us they said we paid too much for Smith as a HFF and Stringer wasn’t going to be any good for a couple of years. They thought Saad was the best pickup.


The only team in history to fail to make finals from 12-6 on the ladder.



Eat a bag you flogs


I reckon Hinkley would be a great director of coaching/ development coach, but probably not a great head. When he inevitably gets the sack I wouldnt be against us looking at him to fulfill a role


Port in mourning

We’re optimistic

Same number of wins.


That’s because we won 10 of 14 to end the season and they lost 6 or their last 7. It was as bad a capitulation of a season as you could ever hope to imagine. Worse than us falling over with injuries in 2012 from 11-4 on the ladder. In fact I doubt we’ll ever see that again.


We lost 8 of our last 9 that year. The win was 50 points against port. Fark port.


I don’t have an unlimited bucket of hate so I have to share it around carefully. I don’t hate carlton that much as it’s hard to hate something that you pity for being so pathetic and irrelevant. But I truly hate port & their flog el prezo. He’s a wankker. So much of my hate is channeled at port I forget how much I want the pies to lose in straight sets. Port are not talented or tough, they attract small crowds who, with the media enormously overrate them.




Turns out you could tear them apart after all…


Please ensure you set enough hate aside for Hawthorn.
Do a budget if you need to.
They MUST be hated !


Port is my most hated team…it was ingrained in me watching them in the SANFL to hate them and that carried over to their AFL team.


It’d be really great if Hawthorn and Melbourne actually did merge all those years ago. I could combine all that hatred allowing me to pile it into another pissant minnow club.


As for most South Australians I’m sure.


Disappointing season in a few ways, but 2 highlights where beating these tos$Er$ twice. We don’t have many ■■■■■■■ but they are near enough.

Sorry for the bump but spring brings out the prick in me.


Every week I thank myself we don’t have a guy like David Koch as a chairman.

Seriously why the AFL choose to quote that ■■■■■■■■ each week is beyond me.


If didn’t take him long to start with the threats, the morning after the loss to Essendon. It is gratifying to know that we are the direct cause of so much of Port’s angst.


Spring break does that to me.


Cancun anyone