Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Actually, kochie, anyone with a contract who doesn’t want to leave is off the table. I’d think he’d remember that from the abortive attempt to shop Hartlett around. Twat.


Gold Coast have pulled out of China matches.

Hahahaha…suck ■■■■ Port. Good luck finding someone else who will give up a home game for you to play over there


GWS will do as they’re told…


I heard Saints have already put their hand up about it (genuinely, not just making fun about how shit the Saints are)


oh lawl… dem 'aints…


Melbourne should go up there.
For memory, the local team was established with Melbourne colours when they played their preseason game there around ten years ago.


St Kilda could use the money.


If they keep doing it, it should be a Port home game.
Absolutely farcical that it’s not


I think this whole concept of playing games in NZ or China are a complete joke, but any club that is consistently getting AFL handouts shouldn’t be given the option of playing these games for cash, they should be forced to. Beggars can’t be choosers. Welcome to Beijing, GC Suns/St Kilda (I really don’t care which one).


any particular reason why you didn’t name the other 12 clubs that wouldn’t exist without AFL handouts?


Nah, not really. But ultimately, if your existence centres around AFL handouts, you can’t then also complain when you are given an opportunity to make some extra $$$ playing elsewhere once a year.


I agree.
Should’ve listed them all. ■■■■■■■ tin rattlers.


Another year like this at Port and he will be called Ken Stinkley! l would not be against him as a director of coaching.


If he goes anywhere after Port it would be Gold Coast. Hinkley as Director of Football with a young coach like Dew would work well IMO. Very much do or die next year for the Power. A lot of their better players and the recruits they got from other clubs between seasons will be 28 or older. If they don’t get it right they could be in for a fair rebuild…


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He’s not the brightest spark is he?


I strongly suggest removing that pic.


■■■■■■ hell!!


He just posted this