Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Port finally showing some mongerel.


I didn’t mean to break rules so I’ve removed it. SPP is still a flog though.


I guess his girlfriend is “anybody”.


Biggest waste of Talent if he is given the boot. Mentality of a teenager.


Wasn’t he on his last chance at Port? He’s goiong to end up on the scrapheap.


His girlfriend won’t be too pleased either!


Nah reckon this will be it though. Broad did worse at Tigers.


In the NRL, an image like this would be praised for it’s modesty.


Will take him for a fourth rounder.


How offensive was it if he wasn’t nude?
Maybe sporting a Bacchus Marsh?


Talk about a storm in a teacup.
Making a mountain out of a molehill.
Etc etc


Port Adelaide have issued a statement. Basically all parties acknowledge it was an accident and nothing else to see.

Would like the public to respect their privacy. Case closed.


Well I guess she knows the type of guy her boyfriend is.


Something going on with Jack Watts at the moment…


Footage of similar to Mumford is the rumour…


Must be a different one to what I heard.
Apparently a bit of the Jake Stringer’s about his sex life (and good on him if that’s his go).
Source/evidence is paper thin though.


Dic-pic, I heard.


Not good on him, if he’s stringing along some girl who thinks she’s the only one. Otherwise I agree, who cares?


Thought it was his girlfriend sending out screenshots of messages he sent her about banging women and doing drug?


Where’s stalker donnington when you need him?