Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


There has been rumours for a while that he works far harder off the field than on it and that he is a Brownlow chance in the women stakes. Might be some truth to it by the looks


that wouldn’t be that tough though


Well it’s clear that Jack Watts loves the boobiies


‘I love swimming and ■■■■’ lolz


No wonder he is laconic on field. He’s exhausted from being very active off field!


Am I the only one thinking it’s a bit sad that he has to go to prostitutes? He’s an AFL footballer, the biggest ■■■■■ pass in Australia


i think he went because he had a girlfriend.


tbqh who doesn’t?


This conjecture about players’ personal lives is less than useless, it is in some cases baseless gossip and at worst intrusive. Sheesh people are starting to make threads like this sound like a cross between Big Footy and The Women’s Weekly. Wake me up when the talk gets about footy related issues.

As for SPP? Built like Tarzan plays Peter Wilson, ex Tiger and WEagle. All huff and puff, thinks he is tuff, but has NFI.


Jack Watts loves the CANS


Is there even tenuous evidence that it’s Watts other than the word Jack?


The world has gone crazy when some choose to publically release private text conversations - I couldn’t give a stuff.


I would love to see the reaction if a footballer was to release private texts from girls.


Didn’t we see that reaction last year with Broad?

This is a jilted girlfriend of Jacks. It doesn’t categorise as revenge ■■■■ but it must be an invasion of privacy surely.


Is this doing main stream media or just social media?

The main stream media should think carefully about what is genuine news as opposed to making themselves a platform for people airing dirty laundry and private business. yeah yeah I know - as if.

They might as well open up a page called “Say whatever you want to say or show about whoever.”


Its on the same level as stringers ex talking out about him I reckon.



Port would be trying to find a way to use it to end his contract and correct one of their 2017 trading mistakes…


Almost every second word in that article is ‘allegedly’ or ‘it is believed’ or ‘it has been reported’.

Someone is very uncertain of their story, and/or very wary of the lawyers.


Considering it’s from a computer and out of his iCloud account which is private you’d think would have fine line on legality of it being released