Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


Why are professional footballers out at 3am during the season?


It’s like being at a night club in the early hours of the morning after a pre-season game, where you were embarrased by last year’s premiers and 5 weeks into the season are still playing like you’ve all just met🤔


Because they are young men with raging hormones and a natural tendency to rebel against authority, perhaps?


Inappropriate contact by touching some young lady on the bum and giving it a squeeze. I reckon, given the political correctness virus that has spread around our nation, that he is lucky not to be charged with sexual assault.


Not sexual assault, but offensive and humiliating


Am constantly surprised by just how outdated your view is on this sort of stuff. Nothing politically correct about keeping your hands to yourself, it’s just being a decent human being.


You know it is perfectly acceptable for a guy to grab a woman’s backside, especially one he doesn’t know. Please stop being so politically correct.


Hmm, that is not what I said.

His actions are completely wrong, and in my view it is a lot worse than “inappropriate contact”, may not be sexual assault, but it is assault.

My comment was about Poltical Correctness.


Have heard that Port have requested back to back games in China from next year and is waiting for the AFL to approve it. Under their proposal they would play Gold Coast in the first game and then the following week they would play GWS over there aswell. It obviously means GWS will have to give up a home game just as the Suns have




Fark off…if they want a second one, they should give up one of their own home games.


They can’t. Locked into a long term lease at AO to play a minimum 11 there


I hope the AFL knocks them back then. It’s a massive unfair advantage to have:

  • 10 home games with interstate advantage
  • 4 games on neutral ground (counting the 2 showdowns)
  • 8 away games insterstate

The balance is 2 in their favour
Compare to us:

  • 4 home
  • 12 neutral
  • 6 away

the balance is 2 against us. We should always have equal home and away in terms of interstate travel imo.
Collingwood this year are 5, 12 and 5


I hope they get knocked back too but wouldn’t be surprised if they sent the Giants there or even the Saints if they wanted a Vic team


Well seems my mail is on the mark with it now being reported that the Vic government is pushing for a Vic team to play in China and that the AFL are investigating playing 2 games there each season


Just want to point out that in case everybody missed it, Port are travelling alright at the minute :zap: :muscle:


Making up the numbers. Will probably finish top 4 with their run home but reckon they go out in straight sets




Ryder seems to have had an exceptionally bad run with injuries since he defected to Tarp City
At least he has family nearby to support him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They were talking about top 4 or even 2 but I seriously doubt whether they will make the 8
Punch of show ponies that consistently stage for free kicks