Season 2018 - Port Adelaide


A couple of significant injuries have hit them at the wrong time of the season. They have played much of the season without Ryder, so they have largely gotten to where they are now without significant input from him. He is absolutely essential to their chances for September action. Without him they fell apart against Freo and had to rely on part timers in the ruck.


And it takes Dixon out of fwd line which then affects their structure which is built around him and he’s vital to


Yep, there is that too. l don’t know who they can bring in to replace Paddy, or how good that replacement will be.


Paddy has played a fair chunk of the season, they were just managing him to get him through. Like he only trained once a week and when they felt a game was over they would take him off the ground


If we did that Blitz would burnt he place down. Imagine managing an injured player.


Maybe they manage their players better than we do…




like in 2012


We do manage players at the moment, but I doubt port would have been silly enough to play Ryder 3 times in 12 days.

There are other players we are probably managing at the moment, we just hear the ones they ■■■■■■ up on


And yet they bring him back and he is injured almost immediately. Sorry ross but we haven’t managed any worse than any other club.


■■■■ them.


Hmmmm…thought he played a few games on the trot and is now out? He missed our game and 1 or 2 after that, played 6 weeks (and played quite well) and in now injured.

Or was there another injury in between that I missed?

Edit: played round 1, missed 5 weeks, played the last 10


Norf are that desperate to sign someone that they are offering Jared Polec $700K a season for 5 years. LOL!!!




Here’s hoping!


Surely not. Isn’t he from adelaide? Sure he left Brisbane to go home to adelaide, why would he now want to leave?

I reckon the media are just having a laugh here and just throwing names out and seeing what lands


He wants to move closer to family.


He wants to be further from Paddy Ryder.


Further from Ryder’s family.


If they after a classy winger why not Jerrett?