Season 2018 - Richmond


Coach – Damien Hardwick

Points For – 8th
Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Dustin Martin
  2. Alex Rance
  3. Kane Lambert
  4. Trent Cotchin
  5. Dylan Grimes

2017 Rising Star Noms

Dan Butler (Rnd 11)
Jason Castagna (Rnd 19)

Ins – Jack Higgins, Callum Coleman-Jones, Noah Balta, Patrick Naish, Ben Miller, Liam Baker, Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

Outs – Steven Morris, Taylor Hunt, Todd Elton, Ivan Maric, Chriss Yarran, Ben Lennon, Jake Batchelor

My Prediction

For those who actually read my predictions, I thought I would include my thoughts on Richmond last year;

Richmond are as close to a basketcase list as you can get. They lack quality kids, they are topping up with reasonable older players. They have a solid midfield feeding a below average forward line. The backline is dependant almost solely on one player and they have terrible rucks. I can’t see Hardwick surviving past the halfway mark of the season. I think the Tigers will probably slip this year. 15-16th for mine.

The backline stood up last year. Rance had another good year but he also found some extra support, Grimes and Astbury were suddenly useful players. A lot of it on the back of the pressure from the midfield meaning opposition teams were usually rushing the ball forward allowing for easy spoiling or intercept marking. Houli was good off half back and they Vlastuin actually got on the field.

The midfield is where they got the job done. They carry two elite mids in Martin and Cotchin. Last year the foot soldiers stood up and they will need that again this year. Prestia was solid last year and Grigg continues to be dependable but when you look at the midfield it is really reliant on the top end talent to get the job done. Martin was amazing last year and will need to produce something similar for them to challenge again.

The forward line was largely dysfunctional last year compared to what we would expect from a premiership winning forward line. They were forced to go small after losing Griffiths early in the year and it just seemed to work. Reiwoldt did the team thing and often focused on bringing the ball to ground where the small guys focused on keeping the ball in and pressuring a goal. The only player in their top 10 goals kickers over 190cm was Reiwoldt. I am not sure that can happen again.

Nankervis was a great pick up last year. Any recruit that reduces the reliance on Shaun Hampson is a good one.

Last year will have to go down as one of the great coaching efforts. It cant be easy having a whole team working in the exact same direction for such an extended period. They played amazingly frantic but disciplined football and won a premiership on the back of it. They totally bought into his game plan and deservedly won the big prize. Can they do it again? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t be so daring as to predict them to miss the eight but certainly think they will drop this year. 5-7 looks about the mark.


Kudos on posting your last prediction :smiley:


Richmond best 22
B: Grimes, Rance Vlastuin
HB: B Ellis Astbury Houli
C: Grigg, Martin Edwards
HF: Lambert Riewoldt Rioli
F: Townsend Caddy Butler
Foll: Nankervis Cotchin Prestia
I/C: McIntosh Graham Castagna Bolton

Nathan Broad Jayden Short, Oleg Markov, Reece Conca, Corey Ellis, Connor Menadue, Anthony Miles, Patrick Naish, Shai Bolton, Jack Higgins, Sam Lloyd, Coleman-Jones Hampson

Expect Broad to start the season in the VFL to quiten the media about his offseason antics. Shai Bolton proobably the only one to squeeze into the Premiership team. They have some pretty good depth of kids there.
I dont expect them to fall out of the 8 like the dogs but its possible to have a hangover.

Prediction: 4th - 9th
They finished 3rd H&A last year behind Adelaide & Geelong. I would have some of these teams potentially going past them on wins GWS, Swans, Bombers, Port & Dees.

I think your 2017 prediction was spot on, but you lost all credibility in the last paragraph where twice you suggest the tiggers won the flag last year. I’ve blacked out most of 2017 and possibly much before that, but any sane person knows that list can’t win a flag.




We have seen teams create a dynasty, with a large number of elite players and win multiple premierships on the back of elite skills and gameplan execution… Now the top 8 team that has enough in the tank after 22 games to go insanely manic in attack on the ball for up to 3 finals games has a very good chance of winning it. So, who will do it this year? Tigers will not back it up. Bottom half of the 8

Respect for posting your pre season comments on the Tigers.
If only journalist / politicians/ public figures were game enough to take responsibility for their past predictions and statements.
I still don’t know how the Tigers did it.
Everything went right for them in that final series, but I suppose they deserved the luck.

Oh look! I found my last year prediction! Do I get kudos?

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Thanks for posting your predictions last year and I’d have to say that mine were similar.
For them to win it this year it would be like being struck twice by lightening. Surely not?

Last year I had a bet on them for the wooden spoon.

This hear I think i’ll back Essendon for the spoon


Hopefully about 13th

Last year i had them 12th, i didnt expect Nankervis, Caddy and prestia to make that big an impact, plus some of the lesser names.

Hopefully low enough for people who don’t follow football in any way at all to stfu about their team.
That’d be good.


We all saw what happened to the dogs last year after stealing a flag based off the same style of play that the Tuggers pinched one with this year.

They haven’t improved their list at all in the off-season and everyone around them is only going to be better and have had an entire off-season to counteract their game plan, just like the dogs the year before.

That looks like some decent depth waiting in the wings. Self-belief will carry them a long way this year, as they will all buy into replicating the game plan once more, like the Cats and Dawks did before them in their heydays. How will they enjoy being the hunted this season? If they are anything like the Doggies they will suffer, but l don’t believe they will suffer a similar let down. A lot still depends on the big 4 to get the job done, but more players have stepped up to shoulder the workload. Definite top 8, 50 - 50 on the top 4.

Surely it was more about the attitude and commitment of the WB players than their list or gameplan.

It also had a lot to do with injuries to their mobile forwards. Didn’t help that they tried to use Cloke there as well.
They went from a super competitive and mobile forward line to an immobile and unaccountable forward line very quickly.

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I don’t care for Richmond.

Seriously 9th