Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him




How much of that would you put down to Paul Roos? Wasn’t he the one who tapped into that whole Bloods’ culture thing?


This Friday is the night Diggers relinquishes all ties with Sydney and is finally engulfed by his Essendon urges.

We’re gonna knock Sydney the fk out to the point they’ll begin pre season training for next season next week!




It started with Ron Barrassi’s appointment. Arguably the best decision any club has ever made.


Ron Joseph (the man that lured him north) has said much the same thing. Barassi actually wanted to be the first coach of Sydney but was tied to Melbourne. It was almost his destiny.


Maybe, Sheeds went alright as a good decision by a club that had fallen apart.

Then the AFL putting him in charge at GWS to set them up was very good as well.


Think back to the tigers match.
How they hunted us and hurt Zaharakis.

I would love to inflict some pain to the swannies - Heeney/ Parker/Kennedy
Have them one short on rotations, buddy chasing hooker.

Most of all hit them on the scoreboard and not a 1 goal win where whingy swans supporters can say umpire assisted a ten goal mauling.


Need to hit the scoreboard early. Last 2 weeks we have started well but haven’t put it on the board and its let the other teams in. Need to continue to start well but need to actually score goals too


That club was in a bigger hole than Fitzroy in the early 90’s. The AFL was still in its infancy and need for a presence in Sydney isn’t what it is today. They could easily have folded. Barrassi laid the foundations for Sydney’s enduring success. Without him, who knows what would have happened.


I hope we give these ■■■■■ windburn Friday Night. Saady and Connor (hope he’s back!) just to blow them away off the back flanks. Walla, Raz, Dev, Zaka, Trav on the outside. We still have to do the job on the inside obviously. Hepps, Zach, Myers, Langers have a massive job to do. This can be a real marker for us. I hope the boys are fired up!


Essendon would have been right even without Sheedy. Too many powerful supporters to fail. Sydney had no one but luckily Ross Oakley had the vision and Barrassi the where with all to make it work.


They probably would have folded. They only had one shot left. The move away from private ownership coincided with RDB’s appointment and that may have been pivotal as well. Sounds like the owners had no idea.


Well Diggers you sure do meet the profile of a typical Swans supporter mate & I know plenty
Although I can never fathom the foot in both camps allegiance


Having been to a few games at the SCG, they are probably the dumbest supporters in the league. Eagles fans just boo everything but half of it is just them expecting a free kick at home, whereas Sydney supporters have no idea about the game or the rules.

And I reckon the AFL know that Sydney fans will be quick to drop off so they will ensure they stay around the finals each year.


I couldn’t understand how anyone could support multiple teams either.


Most supporters drop off if their team does poorly.


Yeah they find 2nd teams


Essendon should have at least as much motivation as Syd to fire up for this one. Talk is cheap


I want Raz to fillet Nick Smith slowly.
To the point he’s holding a Press Conference with Horse during the week to announce his retirement effective immediately.

I want to see Papley do a Ziebell trying to chase Saad on a 4 bounce run.

But most of all, I want to see Grundy, Kennedy & Buddy play fkn average.