Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


How many times would grundy have played twos in the past 10 years?


The same conversations we had after the Brisbane game last year or the dogs game this year?


I used to think that too but after the Giants game I say we’ve turned that corner a bit


Brisbane game


Sydney are down on personnel, down on confidence in the middle, finding it tough to score and are a little flaky in defence. If Essendon doesn’t think it can beat them at home this week then its problems may be more deep seated than previously thought.


Stop setting this up, man.
We’re going to beat you because we’re better, fark Sydney.


Stop trying to down play Sydney so you can come on here on Friday and say “wow, cant believe essendon is so crap, huge problems” etc etc

Just admit you are a Sydney supporter and stop pretending that Essendon is your team.

And then worry about your under achieving team rather than us.


Right now, Essendon are playing better than Sydney.


I never say Essendon is crap.


You won 6 in a row going into the bye and have lost 3 of the last 4 having played the top team who will win the flag and lost to Geelong. Hardly poor form. The loss to the suns was just an aberration. You can replay that game this week and you will win by 12 goals


In fairness… I admire the way you handle yourself in this forum.


I used to be a rusted on supporter but have become disillusioned with Essendon and the AFL generally over the last 10x years. It’s become sport entertainment rather than life and death and to be honest, the experience is better. I get to watch most games without being too invested and can follow several players and teams concurrently. And this is from a guy who broke his hand after Stephen Jurica and M Knights carved Essendon up in the 95 elimination final.


diggers doesn’t even care about footy.

hes all serena.


Ever thought about how your life will end? My preferred demise would be suffocation via a S Williams scissor-lock.


Semi final


Either way, they were eliminated.


Wouldn’t call it entertainment.

Can I ask though, why Sydney? Obviously you wouldn’t choose Eagles or Freo, but why Sydney?


Whatever works for you, man.
It’s just a game.

… though you wouldn’t know it if you heard me at a game…


Because I admire they way they play. I like their collective attitude.


You should have seen me at the 2016 GF.