Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


I wanna see Diggers cry.




Except Essendon has scored 100 points only on two occasions - And in Essendon’s last 9 games they’ve conceded less than 80 points on seven occasions - Hardly the form-line of a shoot out team.


Damn that long flowing cascading dark hair !


Been to a Lions game?


Ah I get it now.

You are waiting to die, like some poor old bloke alone in a home.

Lucky you still have blitz for the reason to live.


That comment is very 90’s, hardly correct imo.


I find the thought of @diggers handling himself disgusting, frankly.


That’s what you say publicly. Privately however…




Last time I went there was in 2011, not 90s. They still call it a ref!


Nope, they’re still clueless in Sydney. The old hands who knew nothing are teaching the next generation…


I was there last year. Still true.


Yep, they were singing along to Sweet Caroline in the half time break. I nearly puked.


Agreed. They have a strong rusted on membership base these days. Good to see them have solid crowds though constant success greatly aids that.

■■■■ em for this week though.


The Luke Parker article on AFaiL site admits they took Suns lightly, but they will come out all guns blazing on Friday night. Reading between the lines, the Swans are saying they will be too good for us, once they throw the ‘on’ switch. They fully expect to win, ergo, they are not taking Essendon as a serious threat. The attitude is based on the ‘been there, done that belief.’ Pffft.

Grind them into the turf Bombers.


We simply cannot afford to give them a start. We’ve got to knock them on their collective backsides in the first quarter. And I think we can and I really hope we do. Make a few others sit up and take notice.
We can do it. I hope we are hungry enough to go for the jugular.


Someone mentioned it further up, they physically come after us early and that has thrown us. We need to fight fire with fire, if we can see them targeting us get someone like stringer or hooker or TBell to really hit them hard and protect some of the players


Does anyone really think we won’t be ready and expecting anything they bring, and won’t fully primed to smash them back?

Oh no, :flushed: … Sydee are going to come at us all hard 'n stuff!! OMFG, … whatever will we do???


Screw Sydney.

Screw Diggers.