Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


I still have nightmatres of the final lets see if the boys learnt anything tomorrow night


Just knew that when I clicked on the likes for this comment @Stallion’s avatar would be there


What happened to you when we started winning? You simply disappeared, it was strange.


Had a couple of beers in me


Nothing wrong with that.


As long as the bottles weren’t in him also.


A Johnson is up for selection this week V Collingwood. If selected, it will be his first senior game since the 2012 GF.


Sydney are really going to the well then.


Form warrants selection.


A Johnson confirmed to make his return from 5x knee reco’s against Collingwood this week. Outrageous resilience and he must be one Hell of a human being for the club to persist with him for this long. Great story.


How many fkn knees does one guy have??

6 years, … 5 reco’s, … WTH happened here??


Would want to be with the life of pain he has in front of him.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say two.



Had a couple of grafts not hold and a couple of infections.
All in all had 12 operations on the knee, including one to graft extra bone to where the new ACL was going.


If he’s lucky the research into regenerating cartilage etc will progress quicker than I expect it to.
We’re damn close atm but until it’s near flawless and consumer friendly the public won’t see it.


You’re going out on a limb??
Imagine Johnson!


Sounds a tad gay that one…imagining Johnson.


You trying to pick a bone with me?


As long as he’s not trying to hide one, …


Heath Grundy missing this week citing mental health issues.

They said he was ill in coming out late after half-time last week.