Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


No he’s kneedling you.




2: Daylight


I won’t get into a debate about who is the best ever player of them all but since I’ve been watching VFL/AFL (1982), he’s the best I’ve seen.


You’ve needed to watch other teams then


For mine, it’d be out of him, Ablett Senior and Hird.


Capper > Lockett > Franklin


Cringe if that’s comin from the official swans page


Seen 'em all.


Well you mustn’t have been taking much notice then.

PS: get yourself over to the DJ thread…you’ve been nominated to spin


This is how you decide who’s best.

You’re the captain of a Best of the Best team and you’ve won the toss and are lucky enough to have the first pick. All those players and everyone else since 1980 is fit and available for selection.

You ask yourself “who is the one player I don’t want to be playing against?”

Then you select L Franklin.

He’s the best.


No he’s not…certainly if you’re going that far back…Franklin has always struggled to take an overhead mark so how can he be THE BEST.

I’d take Ablett Snr, Lockett and Carey before Franklin (and that’s without trying to remember who else has played in that time)


I’m sure every player that’s ever played (regardless of how good) has had a deficiency in at least one aspect of their game.

Otherwise we might as well exclude Ablett snr from the conversation because he’s shorter than the rest, or Plugger because his aerobic capacity is the lowest, Carey because he’s the slowest of that selection etc etc



You pick Ablett. I’ll pick FRANKLIN!


Deal :slight_smile:


That’s right. Apart from J Hird, none of them are perfect.


Why did they start at 15? Are there only 15 players? And why the …at number 2? Why not just add in the word but after equally?


Why do you care?


Credit where it is due, they have bounced back strongly from the big defeat at the hands of the Bombers.


Reported that both D Hannebery and G Rohan has asked Sydney to be traded to Victorian clubs. J Lloyd offered a contract but yet to sign.

Lloyd is the one they’d want to keep but if the scuttlebutt is to be believed, Hannebery to St Kilda and Lloyd to GC would both generate 1st round picks in exchange. Rohan a second rounder.