Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him



Dunstall, Plugger, Hudson, Coleman, would still kick 100 goals in a season.

Carey would still root his captains wife.


No way those guys would be able to kick 100 goals in the 2019 season.

In those days it was just 1 on 1. No zones and the full forward had the whole 50 to themselves.

You’re not stupid Diggers.


Yep. Suggesting that anyone would kick 100 goals in the modern game is pretty dumb stuff. Really really dumb actually.


Bullshite. Those blokes were all so good they would still kick 100 goals.

Fark if Jack can kick 65, and a chump like Brown kicks over 50, a real champ would easily do it.


Watch how Dunstall got his goals. Yep great leads but mostly in traffic, strong mark, good speed. It is about ability. Fark, leave Dangerfield at FF all season and he might go close.


Who wants to eat cake when you can just have icing though? Especially the dry cake end


I think @Bacchusfox might be under the influence of Fentanyl.

That stuff is dangerous, Fox.


Yep perhaps Fentanyl would ease the pain that some on Blitz inflict, but used my last patch after the Fark Carlton game.

Champion players would be champs in any era.

Dunstall at his peak was 6’2" and 100 kg, if he was a player today, his weight may have been less but his skill and strength and speed would have been all as good or better.


I think you’re making a huge leap as far as how J Dunstall would fare today. He’s the size of a standard midfielder. Highly unlikely that he’d play as the key forward.

What we should be grateful for is being lucky enough, apart from Coleman, to be alive at a time when some of the game’s best were playing.


Carey still kicking goals without playing footy.


Except the very good example given in Danger is just over 6 2, so, …


I’m with BF on this, Dunstall would kick 100 in a season playing for the current Hawthorn side.


I reckon clubs are too keen to try and push good forwards into the midfield if they’re a midfielder size. It’s hard to find good forwards so I reckon you’re better off leaving the really good ones forward.

Having said that… play Fanta in the midfield!!


I never liked Hawthorn even before they started winning flags, but some of my favorite players were Peter Hudson, Peter Knights and Jason Dunstall. All had fantastic talent and were just exciting to watch.

I think it is amusing that some think that these guys would not star today.


Dunstall would have to learn to run


He did in his younger years.


Knights would be best placed to succeed in today’s game I reckon. Could play either end. Good hands. Highly skilled. He’d be good.

Today’s game would ask more of Dunstall in one half than he was prepared to give in 6x weeks back in the day. Great player for his times.


It wasn’t a strong point


not a chance Dunstall would kick a ton in this game as it is. The game has changed drastically since his days. Even if he was training at today’s standards, the absolute max he would kick would be 80.

He would not only be having to deal with his man, he would be dealing with guys dropping back at speed, 3rd man who’s only role would be to help out.

His accuracy would still be a massive weapon though


Reckon a guy who stayed at home more than Fev and mostly took chestmarks would struggle in today’s game.
And so would his team.