Season 2018 - Sydney - Diggers.. come at him


Lead out chest mark
Kick a goal kick a goal
Lead out chest mark
Kick another goal


Reckon Quinlan would have done okay.
It’s difficult to say
Ablett would have still been good, but he’d have been permanently suspended.

I’m probably biased but I reckon Modra would have been alright.


Not wrong. (Quinlan)

Big and mobile before being mobile was a sought-after quality. Durable as fark.

Great shot at goal or around the ground. He’d be a right menace today.


This is where I look it up and find he was 5’10".
phew just over 6’3".
Taller than Lloyd.
Happy with that.

Also, lol St Kilda.


For some reason I feel sorry that he played when he did but he had a terrific career, albeit with 2x low performers during his time with Fitzroy and Footscray.

Imagine the frenzy for his services if playing today and he just became a restricted free agent?

Him and Ross Glendinning. Those two starred in their own eras but you can’t help but think they were wasted back then.


Low performers huh. I seem to recall Bernie Quinlan and the Roy’s towelled up the Bombers in Finals regularly.


I can think of it happening twice. 81 + 86.

In your defence the 86 loss probably feels like more because we all wanted the Bombers to go back to back to back.

Roys did well that day.


Screw Sydney and their plastic fans


1986, one farking point

1979 was worse, about 12 goals


taking chest marks from the absolute blind kicks forward all midfielders do?

100 goal seasons are gone until another shift in how coaches see the game happens.


The Millennial speaks the truth on this occasion.


i beat most boomers in the FLR dont @ me.


I’ll @ whoever I want.




1979 as well

1981 they smashed us which was bad, but 1986 losing by one point at Waverley in the mud and rain was worse.


Jake Lloyd re-signed for 4x years. Eat it GC.


T McCartin retained until 2021. Eat it GC.


The Swans fans I know reckon he is a turn over merchant and wanted him gone after Matt farken DeBoer beat him in a couple of contests


Can you pass on a message from me to your Swans mate?

He’s an idiot.


Does that mean swans aren’t getting a big fish in this year?